Gamepro Previews Genji, For MASSIVE DAMAGE!

"The sequel to the well-liked, but far too short Genji: Dawn of the Samurai is a launch title for the PlayStation 3 and it's clearly going to showcase the new console's considerable graphics firepower. But will the gameplay deliver as well?"

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Donkey Slayer5860d ago

Nothing too exciting from the gameplay videos, but maybe my mind will change after playing it.

"Sony promises that as many as 80-100 combatants will be "

Not sure if I believe this, the characters were pretty detailed when showing a few in the environment. Unless when they have more they will be lower detailed characters.

NoMercy5860d ago

I think what they need to do is make the game longer and harder than the original, I don't care about the graphics much. IMO

kmis875860d ago

I know you didn't read this article and look at all the motorstorm screens in one minute. Read the articles before voting jackass.

Chronical5860d ago

Everytime i heard about Sony and MASSIVE DAMAGE I start laughing

specialguest5860d ago

everything looks visually good, but the game looks too slow. they need to speed it up just a little bit more. also, it would be cool if there was a little RPG element to it. you know, the whole visit town, buy weapons thing, but not too much though, cus that'll slow the game down.

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