First ever Silverlight gamercards emerge


After some major programming hours Stonyarc is proud to announce that XLN now features silverlight based Gamercards.

Silverlight is a flash-like technology from microsoft.

The xln cards are rendered using our own API webservices and the dynamic data is generated by a php engine.

The overall architecture is quite complex but it works.

The cards can be seen in our forums.

This is in beta so please report any errors.


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Bnet3434049d ago

Microsoft Silverlight versus Adobe Flash

slymaddox4049d ago

Honestly I think it's a little late for Microsoft to get into this market. But I'm sure there force it on everyone just like Vista.

ReBurn4048d ago

It isn't too late to be jumping into this market. Flash has been the only product of it's kind for quite a while now, so with Web 2.0 picking up steam it only stands to reason that there would be another product jumping out there.

From my perspective it is a good thing. It will force Adobe to tighten up the pitiful resource hog that Flash has become.

And Vista hasn't been forced upon anyone. There's always MacOS or Linux if Windows isn't to your taste.

Bladestar4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

Once again.. ignorants talkinga bout the things they don't know...
Silverlight is probably one of the best things that is happening to the internet in a while... Here... let me educate you about Silverlight... since I've working experience with it and flash.

1) Silverlight works on other browsers other than IE... including Firefox... support for other browsers is currently being worked on..

2) Silverlight currently works on Windows, MAC OS and even linux...

3) Silverlight specially 1.0 is mostly for video stream... this technology is great for streaming video... did you know that video can be streamed even if no Media Player is installed on the computer?
Version 1.1 (currently in beta) will introduce a more complete framework to create client/server applications with dev env.. like Blend...

4) Silverlight is able to run managed code which is very fast compared to javascript even flash... here is some test cases...

This gives me 3 test-cases to compare:

Multiply two numbers n times in pure javascript.
Multiply two numbers n times, by calling Multiply(a,b) from JavaScript into managed code n times
Multiply two numbers n times, by calling MultiplyLoop(a,b,n) from Javascript into managed code one time.

What I found was:

JavaScript is fairly slow to do this (345 ms for 10 millions calculations).
Calling a managed method millions of times is VERY slow (IE asked me several times whether I wanted to abort it before it finished)
Calling a managed method once and do the looping in managed code is VERY fast (0-2 ms).

get it?

5) Multi-language development environment... Silverlight supports all languages that are .net enabled... which means, developers don't have to learn new languages... nor you have to go into another develoment environment or learn a technology specific language like action script that you can only use with flash.. (yes, I know flash and action script just in case one of you fools think I don't know about flash)...

6) speed... and video quality... this is why companies like Netflix, thefootnetwork are switching to silverlight to distribute video....
here try it and see for yourself:

lol... it's not going to work? it's already too late... lots of companies are starting to use it... because it performs and work very well... sadly... anti-microsoft people even without knowing what silverlight is and how it works... already dismiss it... but then again... this kind of people always exsisted... lol.

gta_cb4048d ago

wow! i didnt know that, thanks for all the information :)

sgaap4048d ago

Silverlight is based on xaml, an open XML based standard. It means you can create/modify your layout with a text editor, a home made tool, 3rd party tools, build scripts to do bulk edits etc...

Bladestar4048d ago

@sgaap - you are right... how could I forget that!? the entire technology is based on that. Thanks for the reminder.

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Zhuk4048d ago

Microsoft's Silverlight technology is a great advancement and will undoubtedly be an industry standard in the future

yamamoto1144048d ago

Silverlight is superior, but Flash will unfortunately prevail due to its sheer market dominance.