Free Killzone 3 Multiplayer Gets a Trailer

The multiplayer mode of Killzone 3 is going free to play on the PSN, and Sony just released a trailer to celebrate the event.

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-Mezzo-3334d ago

To all the people who didn't bought the game & haven't tried the Killzone 3 MP yet.

You People Are In For A Treat.

Drekken3334d ago

I agree. The sharpshooter with Move kicks major ass too.

Majin-vegeta3334d ago

Awesome noobies here i come:D.

TheFirstClassic3334d ago

That's a good trailer, and Killzone 3 has some really great multiplayer imo. Are they going to release the dlc to those who own the game for free?

csreynolds3334d ago

I'm with cpayne93 on that one; if all 16 maps are to be free-to-play, I think the DLC should be free to owners of the disc-based game.

DA_SHREDDER3334d ago

sick man. so the DLC is free now?! The only thing this game is missing is more maps. Oh well, even a year later I'm still not sick of playing the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.