Emotion in Games

From Thunderbolt Games:

"Right now I want to cry...I want to be overwhelmed by sadness. It's been so long since tears left my eyes, and I want that feeling back. This time however, I long to cry at a video game. I am still waiting for that elusive game that will make me shed a tear, and now that the next generation is in full swing, it's looking more likely for a game to create a truly emotional experience..."

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Sarick4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

When I played FF7 I loved it but after one event things just went down hill. If emotion is balanced later in the game I'm happy with it.

X-2 is A fine example of how depressing endings can be used to bring people back from sad parts of games. The dread in FFX when nearing the end and the Joy of the 100% ending in X-2 are wonderful uses of emotion. Not having balance though makes me cringe.

IntelligentAj4042d ago

Emotion in games is good as it makes us more connected to the characters and story which,in turn, makes the experience deeper and more involving.

LinuxGuru4042d ago

Final Fantasy VIII and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune have both brought strong emotional reactions out of me; not crying (well...almost for FF VIII), but strong emotions nonetheless.