Guitar Hero 3 is broken

Sad but true folks. A design flaw with the new Les Paul controller means that it may be almost impossible to grab all of the achievements from the Xbox 360 version. And the PS3 version? It suffers the same problems apparently.

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OoOLeafsOoO4046d ago

I bought my copy of Guitar Hero in Wal-Mart at launch and they had the controller from gh2 bundled with it for some reason, i bought it anyways, i felt like i should've waited and gotten the les paul, but after reading this i feel a whole lot better. I haven't had a problem with any of my two x-plorer guitars, even the one i got with gh2, STICK WITH THE X-PLORER IF POSSIBLE

iNcRiMiNaTi4046d ago

after reading this id just like the game itself since i already have a guitar from gh2

resistance1004046d ago


the ps2 and 360 versions both have versions of the game themselves. Just like GH4 will be avaible seperately on the ps3/wii versions aswell due to the fact that ps3/wii owners may already have a guitar

SIX4046d ago

Well the PS3 version anyways. My score almost doubled :) Yay!

xplosneer4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

I was having that problem with ALL of the frets at random times...before it just stopped syncing with my PS3 entirely. I was waiting for an email response, but it takes 10!!!???! business days to reply to and my warranty expires on the 30th. Now I look up their number. monday through friday only. No holidays. Boy I hope I can get them tomorrow or the 26th-29th, because 10 days is just rediculous.(BTW, I sent the email on the 16th, still no response.)

After this I might just screw it and get RockBand.

B Man4046d ago

Unless having to replace the batteries once a month is a problem. Maybe i'm not being hard enough on my guitar... I don't know. It's my rock band guitar i'm more frustrated with. The damn tilt sensor for overdrive doesn't respond 70% of the time. Very annoying when you are trying to save your partner and end up failing because the damn guitar didn't recognize that you were tilting your guitar with all your might.

Lionsguard4046d ago

If most of the guitars are affected They'll have to do something about it or possibly face a class action lawsuit from thousands of people.

aahenry4046d ago

I had a friend that had this same problem for the 360 version. Being a tech by trade, he open the guitar and saw the same problem. His first email response from red octane was the standard, "sorry your guitar is no longer under warranty." After sending a few more emails, he got a response stating that they have reviewed his situation and will send him a new guitar.

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The story is too old to be commented.