Best Racing Game of 2007: Forza Motorsport 2 Beats PGR4

Yahoo Games:

Marking a double-whammy for Microsoft in the racing stakes, Forza 2 left the rest of the year's titles breathing its fumes. You've only got to look at the sheer variety of custom car designs created by the Xbox Live community to see how committed its fans are, and the racing's just as good as the tweaking.

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DiLeCtioN4046d ago

i didnt get to play any of them.

i think if GT5 Prologue was relased this year in the USA and EU it will win easily.

CeruleanSky4046d ago

"i think if GT5 Prologue was relased this year in the USA and EU it will win easily."

Yeah, kind of a pointless award. Kind of like having a beauty contest with just Oprah and Bee Arthur as contestants...

Sez 4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

out of all the racers that was released this year. the two finalist are GPR4 and forza. then what do you call games like riiidge racer and motorstorm. most be joan rivers and tammy baker

TheMART4046d ago


Nah. Hitting a wall or another car and having no damage, sounds like a very last gen game. You can just bump into another car and win the race without any damage. Or hit a wall @ 200 km/ph and have no scratch.

And no online. Dude. This is just another demo after GT4HD to keep you PS3 fans quiet another year for the final that got delayed so often.

sonarus4046d ago

GT5 prologue will have online in a couple of days. And GT5 will have damage mart so quit being a hoe about it. The real thing though is comparing a game demo to a full game and game demo still comes up better.
All the credit has to go to polyphone turn 10 studios didnt really have a chance. GT had the bigger budget(when all your titles sell about 10mill world wide you can command as big a budget as you want) and polyphony definetly has more experience. Big victory for the ps3 with everyone saying how difficult ps3 is to program for and here comes an experienced game developer making a game and making it so well. GT5 will be the best racing game of 08 and assuming it dosent release in some places till 09 WILL win 09 as well. It really is not msoft fault its jst polyphony is so far ahead of the competition.

So for once mart take your head out of your anus and just applaude a great game.

glennhkboy4046d ago

We can know whether GT5 is really that good WHEN it is released! How come you guys on the PS3 side can accept to pay full price for a Demo version???? Bit me......

Leathersoup4045d ago

...GT5 Prologue was released this year, yet it didn't win. And don't try to tell me that it's a "demo". Demos are free.

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Sez 4046d ago

this is good news indeed for MS. with the customizing and damage feature it's hard not to love this game.glad to see it made racer of the year.

tk4046d ago

Good to see some good competition among the driving franchises. Myself - I am a Gran Turismo fan. But it is good to see Forza stepping up on the XB360. Can't wait for full GT5 to be released. GT5:P was too late to be taken into consideration.

XB360 owners - enjoy the game on your side.

BIGBAER4046d ago

I know GT5 will be a great game when finished. The competiton IS good for all gamers. Forza 2 is an incredible game and I wish everyone who appreciates racers has the opportunity to play just as I hope the same for GT5.

There is too much time wasted on hating games on opposing consoles. It prevents far too many good, but unnessecarily polarized gamers from enjoying, or at the very least, respecting great games on consoles other than their chosen 'favorite.'

Forza 2 is a fantastic game. Polyphony has praised it and promises to include some of Forza's feature in GT5. I have no doubt that TURN 10, Microsoft's Forza development team will look to GT5 when developing Forza 3.

This is good for us all.

It's time for those who revel in it to stop the childish bickering and begin to conduct intelligent conversations. Developers often read the online gaming forums looking for inspiration and to see how new games are received and how the old are reminisced.

I can tell you all that no professional developer would waste anytime reading all the useless, childish posts that are the majority of the comments posted here. There is nothing of value in any of them.

GT5 will be mine. I can't wait. But Forza 2 is n more than filling my time. Its incredibly deep feature set and its realistic phyics give me plenty to play with.

The custom paint shop is incredible. I am amazed at the seemingly endless stream of fantastically beautiful and intricate designs that I've seen while racing online or while visiting the online Auction House.

PGT4 is no slouch either. I be playing it along with Forza ans GT5 when it is released. I'll be enjoying the best of BOTH worlds.

- peace.

Live hard; play HARDER!

Gamingisfornerds4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

As for the game as a whole, Forza 2. It's not my kind of game really, but I recognize it's accomplishments:

Great online features, very deep visual customization options, very deep technical customization options that realistically influence the driving performances. Realistic physics and damage calculation (except for the visual damage which is very poor indeed). Graphics are mediocre at best though and in terms of enviroments/tracks and game-modes it's pathetic.

F1 CE is just so damn awesome. I've only played the demo, but the satisfaction and sense of speed is just pure awesomeness and the graphics are nice too. The game itself, from what I've gathered, isn't all that beefy, and the online features aren't all that great either. That's why I'm waiting on purchasing it untill I can find a cheap copy.

PGR4 is a bit of a letdown. Nice graphics, but poor implementation of bikes and online seems to be stripped down from PGR3 in certain aspects. I don't like the new tracks either and the weather system is nice, but I always want to race in clear weather anyway. I just don't like racing in extreme conditions, especially online. PGR4 just didn't deliver in my book.

But yeah, I'd say Forza 2 deserved the win here.

Edit: Haha, the cheek of some of you guys is unbelievable. Here I am, typing out this well constructed post and next thing I get is this lazy pr*ck who just clicks the disagree button. Where's the decency of replying with some constructive criticism these days?

Lazy *ssholes! :P

gamesR4fun4046d ago (Edited 4046d ago )

pgr3 was painful to play suicide inducing if played with Forza in the same room....

edit you know cause forza is way better...

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