Week recap: PS3 Blu-ray; Xbox 360 flat; Wii discontent

The PS3 ranked No. 2 in console sales in the latest Japan retail charts. The hardware remained behind popular handheld sales in Japan.

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue ranked below Wii Fit in the latest software charts in Japan. The title held a No. 3 rank in debut sales, behind the new fitness title.

Sony this week dropped new games and trailers to the Playstation Store. New offerings include the game title Toy Home and the Devil May Cry 4 Final Trailer.

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DiLeCtioN4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

just bring the games and new technology in 2008 :)).

Have a Merry safe xmas everyone

[email protected] HarryEtTubMan : lol yh warhawk is crazy man, you're everybody's prey. when am playing with mates in rank servers its much better cus we are working together like a clan which makes it difficult for others lol.

p.s i miss my PS3 i wont be able to play it till january 6

HarryEtTubMan4045d ago

I just opened my PS3 yesterday and uT3 and WARHAWK are SOOOO good! I serisouly didnt think Warhawk would be THAT good but its just crazy fun and open ended... the worst thing about it is its so hard to get a kill with everything going on around you! And UT3= Premium PWNAGE.

Bolts4045d ago

Wait a minute. You just got a PS3? From the way you talk around it seems like you were borned in one in your hand.

Polluted4045d ago

Lol. What the hell Harry. You're one of the most hardcore Sony supporters around and you just got a PS3? That really came out of left field. I wonder if The Mart has a 360...

kiko894044d ago

must be the reason why the mart is so angry

v1c1ous4045d ago

linking to its own article has it at #4

"Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 ranked second in console sales in the latest retail data from Japan.

Media Create Co. on Fri. reported that the PS3 sold 63,720 units between Dec. 10 and Dec. 16. By comparison the PS3 sold 38,123 units the week prior.

The PS3 ranked one title in the top ten sales, the racing title Gran Turismo 5 Prologue which ranked at No. 3.

Overall, the PS3 ranked as the No. 4 best-selling video game hardware, behind popular handhelds and Nintendo Co.'s Wii home video game system."

the only info they have is that PS3 outsold wii overall for november (which we knew)

so all of this is old info already posted on n4g.

KeiZka4045d ago

Matter of perspective. It was 2nd highest selling console, if you do not count handhelds.

I Make Stuff Up4045d ago

Blah blah f'ing blah.
Quit your crying.

v1c1ous4045d ago

i'm just wondering how the wii went from 130k last week to the ps3 outselling it this week.

i don't recall anything huge coming out this week, so i looked into the article more to find old info.

i understand if you just respond to topics without reading the articles themselves, you know, to be cool and all.

DeejayTai4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

The wii got outsold because they have no backstock. They sell out on arrival (which aren't very many per store). 360 and PS3 had back stock so with the holidays coming and all, they simply sold more. But the wii is in much higher demand. Too bad the majority of the wii's games suck

I Make Stuff Up4045d ago

I have the mostest proper uber console in the world.
Everyone wants it, I just don't any in stock to sell.

That story is getting so old it hurts.
Nintendo are their own worst enemy.
When they run out of time, they will have nobody but themselves to blame for not having sold more.

cooke154045d ago

name a console where the majority of its games are good.

DarkSniper4045d ago

Japanese sales has proven once again that when it comes to all next generation consoles, PLAYSTATION 3® is the leading next generation console for those who are looking for a true upgrade.

The country of Japan has jumpstarted a trend which will garner a domino effect among the other continents. XBOX 360 sales are abysmal in the land of the rising sun. Reason being is because Microsoft has made a lackluster effort in providing the tools and software for what gamers want. Instead, they all have been conceived in what is to be an attempt at global domination by the efforts of the vile Bill Gates.

Dark Sniper is ecstatic that Japan is in realization of this and continue to support PLAYSTATION 3® as the number one NEXT GENERATION console. Dark Sniper feels the need to reiterate this because those who oppose D$ and his Sony Snipers will make the argument that Wii is considered next gen when it isnt.


KeiZka4045d ago (Edited 4045d ago )

Sorry. Ninty just has the lead on both markets right now. And next-gen... If GC was 6th generation console, and Wii is an upgrade, albeit a slight one, but an upgrade nonetheless, thus it goes upto 7th generation. The current one. Just like X0 and PS3 are. Claim that it is not a participant of current gen, but you will fail in your quest to claim so, for it is the successor of GC, look at it anyway. Just like PS3 is the successor of PS2, and X0 of Xbox. Facts will not go away only because you say so.

Ogrekiller4045d ago

Microsoft, who art in Seattle,
Hallowed be thy Name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily Live.
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from $ony.
For thine is the kingdom,
and the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.

Begone, foul PS beast.

I apologize for offending any Christian, especially this close to Christmas.

DeejayTai4045d ago

PS3 is supposed to be a console to live on for what, 8-10 years? When's the next xbox coming out, 3-4? The next wii, 2-3? If you buy a wii+wii2 or 360+(whatever the next one's called)you'll be spending more anyway(over time). Games on 360 using 85% of it's power only use about 30% of PS3's power. I'll still be playing my PS3 when micro$oft gives up (again) on it's console and wii's core demographic grows up.

Infernus4044d ago

I see your point but it's not the same thing, each console is indeed a successor to that before it but the Wii is not a true next gen console, in fact some of its games look worse than those on N64 which isn't a step forward its a step back and next gen consoles are supposed to push gaming forward in terms of the looks, the gameplay and the overall experience of gaming. The Wii manages to be innovative but isn't an upgrade graphically at all, the precision of the Wiimote isn't good enough for integration with certain types of games other than those specifically designed for use with it which results in less multiplat games for the Wii, thus Wii gamers miss out on many great games.

The PS3 and 360 are steps in the right direction, they're improving the games while the Wii is bringing back the old cash cows in an attempt to win people over again with familiar names. Okay so all console have familiar brands like MGS, Halo etc but does every single Nintendo console have to pull out the same characters over and over for seemingly every first party game?

You can quote me on everything I say about the Wii because it's my opinion and I'm sticking by it unlike many fanboys on this site who seem to spurt out garbage for a quick fix of personal satisfaction, you can call me a fanboy if you want but I always try to give an honest unbiased opinion.

KeiZka4044d ago

Stick to your opinions, but as far games looking worse than 64 era games, you can only blame developers. SMG is by any standards a very good looking game, just like MP3. Or any other properly done title on Wii. Sadly, library is in Wii's first year polluted with a multitude of quick cash-in titles, that do little to none to help the image. I admit that Wii is behind the competition when it comes to raw power, but interface is probably the most refreshing idea I've seen in consoles since the introduction of analog stick.

But, as you said, it is your opinion. I admit I'm trying to explain certain loopholes with my opinion, but I cannot "full" them, if you go by your stance. But, at least I hope I was argumentative enough.

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