Ikaruga - A True 'Shmup' Classic

Destructoid writes, "Ikaruga is much more than a tough shmup, and worth exponentially more than its face value. It's a glowing example of what video games used to be, and should be. Aaron Linde touched on this point in his Real men play Gradius article, (which remains my favorite piece to ever grace the pages of Destructoid to this day, and probably inspired what you're reading now, to some degree. Stop looking at me like that, Linde) and I'd like to reiterate it here. Games should be fun to play, not just fun to beat."

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Zhuk4582d ago

Ikaruga is a fantastic shmup, I still play it once a week after all these years. That's the beauty of a good shmup, its easy to pick up and play but paradoxically difficult and excruciating to actually beat the game. I love the challenge that it represents

I can't wait for the XBLA version which will bring this game to a whole new audience, leaderboards and co-op will be insanely awesome as well.

vilmer4581d ago

Played this to death on the Dreamcast. I still pop it in from time to time, it's a fantastic shmup that is for sure.

SpaceCowgirl4580d ago

One of the greatest things I am most excited about Ikaruga coming to the 360 is all the people who will look at my gamerscore and see I have completed the game and be shocked and amazed at my awesome Ikaruga skills while they cannot get passed the first level.