VC Gift Restriction Loophole

N-Europe tells you how to get around Nintendo's country restrictions when giving Virtual Console gifts to foreign European countries...say, for example, you live in Spain. What happens if you want to send Pokémon Snap to a friend in Portugal? Or you live in France, and you want to send F-Zero to a mate in Finland?

At the moment, Nintendo's new service to send your Wii Friends VC titles as gifts is restricted to those in the country you currently live. Bah, humbug, we say. So here's how to get around said restriction.

Go to the Settings option on your Wii. Select 'Country' and choose the name of the country you're sending your gift to. Go to the 'WiiConnect24' section and re-accept the terms and conditions here.
Now connect to the Wii Shop Channel - you'll get a message saying country settings have changed, and you'll have to re-accept the terms and conditions here too. And that should be it. Get sending those presents!

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gamesR4fun4047d ago

but nice work around for those with a wii
question tho wouldnt you have to change that country thing back and forth everytime you wanted to play on of your own regions disk?