Huxley - 26 Minutes of All New Beta Footage

Some new footage has just been released from the Huxley Korean beta. The new footage shows some of the MMO aspects of the game.

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ngg123454042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

That was a pretty big disappointment. For me at least, this game doesn't look that good anymore. If there are that major texture pop ins in this game, then there is no way someone can say this is a good looking game :(.

Blademask4042d ago

Looks nothing close to the e3 trailer.

And they still use too much bloom. BLOOM DOESN'T MAKE A GAME LOOK GOOD. For christ sakes.

Looks like they just made a mod to UT3.

nanometric4042d ago

tho I know you are a 360 fanboy, but that was a funny :D

TheXgamerLive4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

I wasn't saying it for reals people:)

Merry Christmas all!!

Sez 4042d ago

for a beta test. it looks good. i can't wait for the final product.

Kaneda4041d ago

KZ2 looks better on Alpha..:)

I am going to get hang for this... getting the rope ready...

TheXgamerLive4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

They reworked the game using a new MS technigue in mass game play so it'll be excellent at release.

Also remember the cities/maps will be miles upon miles so not all 100 or 5000 will be in the same space at once, that wouldn't be a very good battle if they were. And the maps are ever changing, meaning they'll be growing sometimes getting additions as you play.

Bolts4041d ago

The so called "new MS technigue" you spoke off is only a concept, one is the unlikely to see the light of day because it's almost impossible to achieve. Maybe they'll have 1000 players on one server, thats possible, but to have 1000 players in one zone or map is impossible unless that map spans the entire world. Even then there must be measures to ensure that no more than 100 players be in the same zone.

sak5004041d ago

Better than playing with 4 people on PSN network

Rice4041d ago

Why do u have to include the Ps3 into this,this is an xboox 360 thread... are u trying to start something?