1UP: Heated Debate On Home

The 1UP podcast is considered by many the best of its kind on the Internet today, and this week's episode does not disappoint. Shane, the 1UP offices' only fan of Sony, and Garnett get entangled in a fierce explosive argument regarding the console wars; more specifically, the Online infrastructure of the consoles. Live and, coming soon, PlayStation Home.

The calm before the storm starts at the 2hour, 15min and 50second mark on the podcast. Tune in.

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Blademask4042d ago

1up is trying to become sort of an MTV-esque media source. There is too much drama, and way too many douchebags involved.

Meus Renaissance4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Shane: "You know what..FUK YOU for trying to dismiss me as a troll!".

I could sense the debate was heated but I was shocked at how tasty it got with that.

gamesR4fun4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

man these guys are total wankers just cant stand listening to their crapcast They are so biased on some stuff you got to ask if they have any morals at all.
Not only that but I swear these punks have a combined iq that wouldb reach the double digits. IMO people who would sell their mothers soul for a little swag.

To say their respected is a laugh unless your a blind fanboi or on the take

edit no offence Meus just that whole highly respected thing is soo wrong...

Kleptic4041d ago

ha yeah...the summary at the top says "considered by many to be the best of its kind on the internet today?"...should have continued with "if you are an idiot and are unaware of that other sites have podcasts"...

hell even gamespot has a better least GS tries to remain neutral for the most part...1up just downplays everything that isn't "their" company...which we are all well aware of who that is...

marinelife94041d ago

The gist of the podcast is that 1up guys are criticizing Sony for not releasing a product when it isn't completely done. They want Sony to release an incomplete product I guess because they are impatient.

One guy even mentions that Xbox live didn't have much when it was first released (like a lot of microsoft products service packs anyone?) so why can't Sony do the same thing.

Then they try to level the false accusation that you will only be able to play online games with friends through home. Even when the guy tries to explain that you will be able to do both they pretend not to hear and rant about the exclusion anyway.

The kicker is the guy that was the most critical hadn't even played the home beta and he is arguing with someone who has.

crank4041d ago

1up is known for being anti sony. Apparently, some would rather developers HINT HINT release there **** waay too early, eventually ending up dead last because they forgot to future proof and do things right the first time.

I guess, future proofing is just so totally inane these days.

Gotta love the douchebags.

gamesR4fun4041d ago

pod casts 2 long but the sony home bit its in the last 5 10 mins.

pretty lame even pro sony dude sounds more like the bad cop in the bad and badder cop routine well throw in a touch of retardation and you get the picture.

Lifendz4041d ago

I can sorta see both points that led to the whole outburst. Garnet just couldn't get it in his head that Home is not neccessary to play online with friends. Sony has said from the outset that Home will not be a mandatory download. And the other host stated Sony is trying to give C w/o doing A and B which I couldn't disagree with more. The reason we don't have Home yet is because Sony is trying to get A & B-in game XMB-down packed. Once that happens, then I'm sure Home will be unveiled.

I've already started bringing music on my PS3 HDD in anticpation for Home and GTA IV and I'm excited to use my media in my apartment.

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Meus Renaissance4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

I think the entire argument here is based on whether or not Home will have a feature where you can join multiplayer games without launching the actual Home virtual world application. Garnett is under the assumption that it will not, and so criticises the idea of Home without that simple feature (he refers to it as the Xbox Live model/experience).

Shane is caught up between asserting that Home will have that model, but that it will also build on the Live model by providing a social 3D environment, and at the same time trying to defend the idea of Home without having such a feature.

But good points are bought up and it will cause you to think twice about Home, whether you were all for it or against it.

crank4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Very nice overview.

Edit: oops, that was to Cerulean, but, uh, yeah, they are lame.

CeruleanSky4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

"The 1UP podcast is considered by many the best of its kind on the Internet today"


Best what? Best Xbox fanboy site? Best site doing damage control for Microsoft?

1Up is the site that:

* Handed out a 9/10 to the complete turd of a game PDZ on the 360.

* After the realtime Killzone 2 unveiling tried to tell gamers the game looked worse than crappy old Gears of War - even though the game looks virtually shot for shot identical in detail as the original 2005 trailer that everyone claimed wouldn't be possible until the PS4

* Did their best to salvage the last gen looking sub-HD/640p Halo 3 by trying to claim it had some sort of 'subtle beauty' that apparently only they were skilled enough to appreciate

* Out of the blue invented an inane and bogus 'AI award' that they, guess!, gave to Halo 3 and, guess!, trashed Killzone 2. Even though Killzone 2 was nothing more than a pre-alpha graphics demo. Shortly after that pathetic bit of 1Up Xbox fanboyism someone made a video showing the horrendously bad Halo 3 AI...

* Trashed Killzone Liberation on the PSP - which is universally regarded as one of the best PSP action games. Gotta protect that POS Halo franchise at all costs...

* Functions as a stepping stone for Xbox fanboys to get hired away to Microsoft - 3 to 4 1Up people have been hired away to Microsoft in just the last year or so. 0 people either Nintendo or Sony...

* Out of the blue decided that for the amazing PS3 PSN game Warhawk they would suddenly take into account price for the game in review scores and 'mark down' the PS3 game which they, suprise!, never have before and never have since for 360 games...

Yeah, let's listen to what these pathetic little clowns have to say about Sony's incredible online world that is arriving in the next few months...

Polluted4042d ago

I hate to sound like a fanboy, but that was really well said Cerulean. Bubbles.

ISay4042d ago

i agree with every thing except that gears of war is crapy thats just out of line

FPS nut4041d ago

And the army of multi account fanboy's are idiots. You are by far what is wrong with this site. How many times did fanboys have to log on to agree with that?

JasonPC360PS3Wii4041d ago

Total truth, bubbles for you.

Wii60_FTW4041d ago

Shut your f*cking mouth, fanboy. Gears of War is infinitely better than Krapzone will ever be. And that real-time Krapzone 2 demo looked like blurry garbage compared to Gears. Get raped.

WilliamRLBaker4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

we can say the same for nearly every Playstation affiliated source out there, so whats the big deal sky? oh i know its because your a sonyfanboy and in sonyfanboy land only other fanboys can do wrong, and only one system is the best regardless of its crap preformance in every area so far.

and KZ2 looks shot for shot identical to the Fake CGI trailer shown e3 2005? lol what a liar thats a lie and you know it, KZ2 looks nothing like the tailer and its worse looking then Gears and it will play like crap just like KZ1 did.

I like all the sony protection group lies your pulling out your ass there buddy.

sicknnyc4041d ago

Bubbles for you and Points for the comment Destroying 1up. XD

KillJoi994041d ago

Check out this video. I think You'll really like it. You too PS3 fanboys.

rofldings4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

Check out this video. I think You'll really like it. You too 360 fanboys.

also video #2:

Polluted4041d ago

@billbaker: You're right. The same could be said for any Playstation affiliated source. That's kind of irrelevant to the argument Cerulean was trying to make, however, as 1up isn't supposed to be "affiliated" with any console. They're supposed to be objective.

KillJoi994041d ago

See, you can fix a broken XBOX, you know with that 3 year warrenty we're set. Your problem is you don't have a decent line up.

rofldings4041d ago (Edited 4041d ago )

"See, you can fix a broken XBOX, you know with that 3 year warrenty we're set."

Yeah, you're all set. Except after 3 years, right? Oh right, your console has a life spam of 3 years. Have fun buying another POS that'll break down due to Microsoft's brilliant engineering team.

Btw, "PS3 has no games" argument is no longer valid.

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Cop_Boy4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

that site is full of damn sad xbots