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At the turn of the millennium, the original SSX kicked off EA BIG’s run of high-quality egocentric sports titles, paving the way for the punishing thrills of NFL Street and the showboating silliness of NBA Street. The extreme snowboarding sim was the most universally accessible and embraced of the stable, delivering incrementally more ambitious sequels that didn’t stray too far from the original formula of big stunts, bold environments and solid mechanics. The outfits were eccentric, but the gameplay was robust – a happy marriage of style and function.

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Super_ike3129d ago

Wtf?! the reviewer should just go and play COD....5/10, seriously?

Captain Qwark 93129d ago

so every low review i have seen so far, including this one all have one similarity....they complain becuase its hard lmao!

i for one would give it points for that, i want to be challenged, i dont want to conquer every race the first time through. what is the point to ever go back if every course can be easily done in one run??? i have a good feeling this game will be nothing of a 9/10 for me considering the demo was perfection but lacked the difficulty i wanted. seems the full game has it :)

Ares84HU3129d ago

I think the demo was difficult enough.

It is a good thing that the game isn't easy but what you see here is typical EDGE. They are the official trolls of video gaming in my eyes.

People should stop taking EDGE seriously, they don't know what they are talking about. Probably the worst publication right after HipHopGamer.

Captain Qwark 93129d ago


i actually agree completely. they just rate games insanely low for hits. unfortunately it works becuase people see the low score then click their site and read their reviews all the way to try to figure out "why". normally i skip right over them but after playing the demo and thinking it was gold i was curious to see why they rated it so low. then seeing the only thing they really knocked it for was difficulty made me realize that as usual, they're reviews are worthless.

ginsunuva3129d ago

@ Capt Qwark

Edge is a paper magazine so they dont need hits.

And secondly, edge scores by the REAL 10pt scale, where 5=average.
Others use 7.5=avg

schlanz3129d ago


The real scale is 7.5=average. That is the the reigning paradigm. Edge and people like yourself are reading into averages too literally. Considering our school system in the US judges a 75% as average that's how we are trained to perceive a similar scoring scale. Right or wrong, that's the way it is, so just roll with it instead of being a pretentious little snob.

CarlitoBrigante3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Wow people really think the new SSX is HARD????

Kids did you even tried the older SSX like SS Tricky or SSX3? Compared to them this new SSX is childs play!

Childish reviews like this makes me lose hope in humanity

RockmanII73129d ago

@schlanz Not everyone should be forced to conform to a 7.5 = average scale just because some US judges said so not everything revolves around the US. Edge is a UK magazine and in the UK the grading scale is 60%-70% = Average and the average Edge magazine review is a 6.3/100. And calling someone a pretentious snob for using a 5/10=average scale, really? Grow up.

schlanz3128d ago


wow no wonder brits are so dumb, when they only get 60% of their test answers correct that is considered average?

by the way out of all the UK publications I could identify Edge has the lowest average score. For example Play UK and Games Master UK have averages over 70%. But aside from that, many US publications have averages in the mid 60s, simply because there are so many crap games out there.

But when we talk about average games and average students, we're talking about their being ordinary. Not amazing, not terrible. The average score for an entire publication does not mean games with that score are "average" games other than in an arithmetical sense.

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Surfaced3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Being someone who actually read the review.... I must say, it did not read like a 5.
I sometimes struggle to understand EDGE's grading philosophy.

Bodster3129d ago

Regardless of the scores, I am picking this up. Used to play the older SSX games religiously and the demo is fantastic!

Ilovetheps53129d ago

The demo was amazing. I definitely don't see a 5/10 based on the demo. As soon as I can afford to buy it, I will. It was quite fun and I haven't had a good snowboard game in quite a while.

redDevil873129d ago

wth... either people really enjoy it or they dislike it a lot :/

pr0digyZA3129d ago

Some good old school SSX. great fun and addictive with some challenge. Takes a while before you do big numbers. Can't wait to get it.

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