What has Wii done for Mii? Nintendo has triumphed, but have us gamers?

From CVG's opinion piece:

"There's no doubt that Wii has had a successful year for Nintendo, having not only trashed PS3 sales - six-to-one at some points - but also having caught up with and surpassed Xbox 360 in global sales, which had a full year head start.

Since then we've had games like Cooking Mama, Big Brain Academy, Rayman Raving Rabbids, MySims and a huge list of movie-licensed titles that have continued the mainstream-focused charge for Wii.

That's great - if you've just discovered games - but what about us? The hardcore that've been at Nintendo's side through the dark days of GameCube? Has it been a good year for us? For the gamers that don't care for training our brains, or playing cooking simulators?"

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TANOD4049d ago

I simply dont get it

why would people purchase Wii when they could get X360/PS3

My GOD ---are we all suffering from dementia

No sane person could purchase a Wii ---an outdated console more appropriate for the LATE NINETIES

in the era of PHOTOREALISTIC games like CRYSIS /GT5 ---wii is a joke

I hope the WII FAD completely disbands this year(2008)

DeejayTai4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

I own a wii and a PS3 and I refuse to buy anymore games for the wii that have any previous mario character in it. CREATE SOME NEW IP'S DAMMIT!!! They've been milking the sh!t out of mario, bowser, princess, samus, toad, DK, it's always the same damn characters in every nintendo game.

ChickeyCantor4049d ago

why did people want a PS2 when they could get a XBOX that already was doing HD gaming?
and now we all should have the higher end hardware? you people are more shallow then jessica simpson

Prismo_Fillusion4049d ago


It's about the games, not the hardware.

ChickeyCantor4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

actually my point is more like: the majority picked the PS2 and it was the weakest and now suddenly we all should have the high-end hardware?
Gamers don't make sense @ all.

bunch of freaking sheeps, they even claimed the PS2 to be the strongest that gen...o boy were people fooled and yet they kept buying it...knowing the xbox was stronger or the gcn for that matter......

rofldings4049d ago

Games > Hardware.

Wii fails in both.

Prismo_Fillusion4049d ago

I understood your point. That second line of mine was unrelated. :)

ChickeyCantor4049d ago (Edited 4049d ago )

rofldings it all come down to personal preferences so dont state it as if its a true statement.

because both hardware and games are selling ...but i guess you missed that.

MK_Red4049d ago

I've got to agree with rofldings on both.

Sure Wii has great games like Z&W, MP3, NMH, SMG and Z:TP but what else?
PS3 and 360 have: BioShock, Call of Duty 4, Rock Band, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Dead Rising, Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, Warhawk, Ratchet & Clank and more.
Even among upcoming games, Wii has only SSBB, Tales of Symphonia and a couple of RPGs while PS3 and 360 each have their unique top 20 lists.
The truth is that Wii only has a handfull of great games compared to massive number of games on PS3 and 360. Plus they have the better hardware and that's why I don't get it why they are not the best sellers.

As for PS2 having the weakest hardware, it's a wrong comparison to put PS2 vs Xbox agains Wii vs PS360 since PS2 was only a bit behind Xbox and it has had games like Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and later, RE4, FFXII, Black, Burnout 3 and GOW2 all of which looked like 360 games.
Wii's current games look like PS2 titles. Did PS2's titles look like PSone titles? No.

ChickeyCantor4048d ago


"games like Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and later, RE4, FFXII, Black, Burnout 3 and GOW2 all of which looked like 360 games."

...yeah ofcourse these games looked good after tweaking the sh/t out of the system.
And i'm sorry no they do not look like 360 games, i've played no mk_red ...that just failed >_>

And my main point is that People couldn't care less about the hardware last gen because obviously the PS2 won that time. Now we suddenly there is a need for the strongest hardware....
Even Xbox had some games that looked better then all the greatest titles on the PS2, i'm not bashing the Ps2 here i'm just being realistic....why didn't anyone care last gen and now suddenly HD gaming is a must and 8 cpu cores are the most important thing.

Push the GCN and Xbox to its max and it would kill allot of games on the PS2, again i'm not bashing the PS2....its just something i don't get with gamers, every gen they suddenly have a different mood and try justifying the hell out of every purchase.

MK_Red4048d ago

Of course I didn't mean that FFXII beats games like Gears or COD4 on 360 or even Halo 3 but it doesn look like a next-gen game and better than some of 360 ports. And Black definitly did look next-gen, even IGN editors did mention that back in then.

My point is that last gen a multiplatform game could be made for all 3 consoles but not this time so I don't think using PS2's success while having the weakest hardware and comparing to Wii's is right. Plus, PS2 had way more great games and much less crappy titles while Wii has more bad ones and less good ones.
As for justifying their purchase, I don't think someone that paid $500-600 needs to justify it's system against a $250. If anything, most PS3 users are trying to fight 360 and vise verca.

I'm not attaking or defendig Wii here. My main point is that using PS2 as an example isn't much valid. I for one have enough money to get both Wii and PS3 plus a bunch of games but just can't bring myself to pay 250 for Wii. It's hardware is hardly woth $100 and there aren't enough AAA games. Z&W and MP3 are the most important for me but the rest look more like rentals, maybe except SMG.
The real problem is that Wii didn't deliever the next-gen content and "Revolution" it was supposed to deliever and yet it's selling more than PS3 and 360 that have truly next-gen and revolutionary games like BioShock, Mass Effect and COD4.

ChickeyCantor4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

It is valid, gamers couldn't care about the strongest hardware back then and suddenly now they do ? that just doesnt add up at all.
Wii isnt anything near the 360 or PS3, it is the weakest of them all and suddenly now its a problem.

I'm not defending a console here i'm talking about gamers behavior, and clearly its just messed up.

and i wasnt talking about the types of games that are selling im just proving rofldings wrong because he/she stated that it doesnt delivers gameplay or hardware "gamers" want. yet its selling even software is so its all a personal preference

"SMG isn't more than God of War 2.
PS2 wasn't a last gen system back in 2000 in terms of graphics but Wii is now. "

im sorry , maybe the games now dont look any better then the PS2 but the GPU can do more then " last gen " if you tweak the Wii to its max you will see a big difference, just look @ the high end PS2 games and the low end PS2 games.

who said SMG is using full power? if that game already is on the same line as god of war why wouldnt the high end Wii games look better?

Wii isnt on the same line as 360 or PS3 but it can do more then last gen.
So again, Why is it suddenly a huge problem?

its just total BS, first its like " its SONY thats why" and now " because its the strongest hardware" .......=/

" was like PS3 vs 360 of this gen "
Exactly, lets leave the Wii out and take the PS3 and 360.
Arnt the PS3 owners claiming Ps3 is better because it has stronger hardware, so now "power" is important. There is your shallowness....gamers dont have a freaking idea WTF they are talking about each gen.
always having different excuuses to justify their brand and purchase.

if you ask me there must be crack in all these gamepads.

and again im not bashing the PS2.

MK_Red4048d ago

Gamers didn't care much back then because generally PS2, GC and Xbox were alike and multiplatform games didn't look much different. Gamers didn't care about PS2's weakness because it's games were generally like GC and Xbox titles and DIDN'T look like PSone (In short PS2 didn't look last genish back when it was released).

Right now, majority of Wii games look like PS2 games and in short, Wii titles are last-genish in graphics and even SMG isn't more than God of War 2.
PS2 wasn't a last gen system back in 2000 in terms of graphics but Wii is now. So how could this be valid? Gamers didn't care because difference between PS2 and other conosles of its time (PS2 vs Xbox) was like PS3 vs 360 of this gen. Difference between Wii and PS3 is massively beyond difference between PS2 and Xbox. You have many valid points but using PS2 isn't one of them.

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xxchaoticgamer249xx4049d ago

If someone actually takes a look at the Wii's software, one will notice the amazing amount of shovelware. There are so many crappy games it is amazing. For me, there are a few handful of great games (mario, metroid, zelda, wii sports) but most of them suck lol For me, the 360 was good for awhile, but it lacks of a life span of more than two more years at most and all the ridiculous proprietary hardware, I sold it to my friend and chose the PS3 and haven't looked back since. All I say is pick the console that is right for you and shut up about everyone elses =P

eagle214049d ago

be true to your game tastes. I have a feeling people are taking this to heart presently.

Night4ll4049d ago

The Wii does have a lot of crap titles, but thats because developers never took it seriously to begin with. But there are a lot of great Wii games. As of right now I have 9 Wii games, and only 1 PS3 game (I will get uncharted, which will make it 2). I find the Wii extremely fun (single and multiplayer). Sure the graphics aren't as great as PS3 or 360 but anyone who has played Metroid, SMG, and Zdub (Zack & Wiki) will know that the Wii is capable of beautiful graphics too.

Ultimately developers have to put the effort into Wii, it's not that the Wii makes games look bad, the developers do.

Oh and my 9 Wii games are:

Twilight princess
Super Mario Galaxy
Guitar hero III
Zack & Wiki
Medal of honor heroes 2
Battalion Wars ii

oh and if you add Wii sports, thats 10

I don't understand why all systems can't coexist. Why can't we as gamers just enjoy games... For me the Wii is a completely different experience from the Hi Def consoles. It's unique and fun and a different way to play games. Shooters are amazing on Wii (now if only nintendo releases a headset).

Finally if you don't like Wii, don't buy it. Everyone reserves the right to get the system they want. So what if the Wii outsells the other systems. If the Wii is the best selling console, you will still have games on the other consoles.

I agree with many on this site who say true gamers play games...

The Wii is a great console, so are the PS3 and 360. Get whichever system you want, and don't let anyone make you feel bad about your choice.

MK_Red4048d ago

Guitar Hero 3, MOH and RE4 are multiplatform so it leaves us with 6. The big problem is that Wii has only 6 great games and 100s of crappy titles while PS3 and 360 have 100s of AAA titles and less than 6 crappy games (Hour of Victory, Vampire Rain, America's Army, Gundam: Crossfire and Bomberman Act Zero, rest of crappy games like Looney Tunes are multi).
And yet Wii is the best selling and most successfull one and in a way it's cannibalizing PS3 and 360 sales. There is no problem in co-existance but when a system like Wii with terriblly ratio of good to bad games outsells PS3 and 360 and in a way hurts their sales, it becomes a problem IMO.

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