Nissan turns Gran Turismo GT-R into the real thing

Despite all the hype, Nissan's new legend-brought-to-life GT-R turns out to be just your every-day, every-man's supercar.

Now called simply the Nissan GT-R, this model was originally part of Nissan's Skyline line-up, sold exclusively in Japan. The original acquired its mythical status by dominating on the race track and later versions became familiar to millions through Sony's legendary Gran Turismo video driving games.

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P4KY B4048d ago

Agree = You want it
Disagree = You don't

Barreldragon004048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

The real question is who here is able to afford it?

But man does that look slick.

Kaneda4048d ago

I am not buying a Nissan for 70K dollars... That is overprice for a Nissan... For that money I would get a Porsche 911...:)

rushbd4047d ago

This cars interior interfaces were designed by the Gran Turismo developers!! How many developer does have that credibility??

Gran Turismo FTW!!!

emaddox844046d ago

Well seeing how the Porshe to compete with this is the $120K+ 911 Turbo, I would say that the GTR is quite a deal at 70K, not to mention I think the GTR looks better inside and out.

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solar4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

the skyline has always been a great car. and man does it look killer in those pics. looks almost like a hybrid of the old g-tr and the new 350Z.

personally id like a built to the tilt fairlady Z with a nice clean veilside body kit. polyurethane baby!

pwnsause4048d ago

the car is awesome, but how much gas does it consume, either way, its one hell of a ride

Maddens Raiders4048d ago (Edited 4048d ago )

the King of the RBDETT's lives and Skylines own the street (RX-7's aren't bad either). I remember seeing this car when I first bought GT in '95. I was amazed with the car then and Polyphony can pat themselves on the back for singl-handedly bringing this car and the flood of other Japanese and European models to the forefront, there in the mid 90's. They started a racing / tuning phenomenon that is still going strong to this day. It's the main reason I gave up my 4 dr. Audi Quattro and went with a '96 Mitsu VR-4 at the time. God, I miss those cars.

Skylines FTW

Partisan4048d ago

if i had the money i buy this but i don't

the only thing i can test drive this baby when GT-5 arrive

PSN Superam and KAL-eL214 add me lets play COD4

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The story is too old to be commented.