Console Monster's Games of 2007

Console Monster wrires:

"What better time to bring you our Top Five games of the year and hand out a couple of Monster Awards for the games that deserve it this year. What we have done this year is to have all Console Monster staff vote their top five games of 2007, we then collected these up and gave each points, #1 getting 5 points and #5 getting 1 points, this then gave our overall total which has lead to some interesting results, so let's start to build up some hype and start with number five..."

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jinn4047d ago

virtua fighter 5
assassins creed
mass effect

jinn4047d ago (Edited 4047d ago )

no monster games for the wii, sorry

MK_Red4047d ago

Awesome, perfect choices and the top 3 are exactly mine:
2.Mass Effect
3.Assassin's Creed (Thought on that site, it's a TIE).

I'd put Orange Box as 4th though, instead of 5th.