Bonus Round Episode 17 - Year in Review: The Wii

The Bonus Round panel takes on the most popular current gen console of them all!

- Is it official that the Wii isn't a fad?
- Is the hardcore gamer really being satisfied by the system?

Shake that Wiimote and get ready for another part of the Bonus Round!

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Creepa at GameManx4044d ago

the wii is a hype machine.....

TrooGamer4044d ago

Be interesting to see these new Eyetoy products.

candystop4044d ago

Yeah if they can get it right this will be a neat feature to have buil inside if next gen consoles.

purin4044d ago (Edited 4044d ago )

1. yes

2. if graphics enthusiast = hardcore, then no

candystop4044d ago

There will be no winner this generation because every console will excell further then the other in different areas! I really do hope that the next gen of consoles will bring in a new era of visuals and maybe be the start of some kind of virtual quantum age but who knows! The Wii is doing great for nintendo, bluray is doing great for sony, and software is doing great for MS so maybe we might see one console in the future that brings all of these traits together! My whole thing with PS3 has always been why would I buy one now when I know that the games are on 360 today and in 3 to 4 years they will be for PS3 which will make it the perfect time to get one. After reading through the posts daily it's also noticeable that for the most part the fanboy war seems to be dying down and we can all start to look at the games again and get ready for a great 2008 and e3 which is back! I'm known as a fanboy but will start my next year off with a clean slate so happy holidays everybody!

Night4ll4044d ago

I wish more people on this site were like you...

wiizy4044d ago

innovation and the sales prove that there is no hype needed.. wii is champ

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