Kingdom Hearts Sucks (But it does not have to)

After a decade, two main games, and four spinoffs, Kingdom Hearts has solidified itself as an RPG juggernaut. A cross-platform, cross-universe, East meets West monster of a game. And after learning about Keyblades, princesses, and this Ansem guy, one thing has become abundantly clear:

Kingdom Hearts, as a story, totally sucks.

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MultiConsoleGamer3401d ago

Being a So Cal resident, and having grown up with Disney, Kingdom Hearts is the one franchise I want to like. I just bring myself to finish an entire game.

MsclMexican3401d ago

Agreed.. I have tried really hard to get into KH, but I just can't. The plot line is nonsensical at best.

I am surprised that I am agreeing with the points of an IGN writter.

Especially when he said The world ends with you it the best JRPG of this generation.

That game needs a sequel

So true.. hell, was the only JRPG I ever bothered finishing (unless those Mario and Lugi games were JRPG'S as well)

ShinMaster3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

And most won't even bother to read through the article.

Yes the plot is ridiculous. Yes it can be convoluted - especially when you're forced to(and can't) buy a new system for every new KH game that came out after KH2.

KeybladeMaster3401d ago


There are these great sites called and wikipedia.

If you missed a game than read up on it if you are lost. This series is really not that hard to follow. Play the games, if you don't then read up on what you have missed. If you don't want to do that and you just want to hate on the game then your just a troll.

FriedGoat3400d ago

Kingdom Hearts went downhill after the first.

3400d ago
MsclMexican3400d ago

Yawn @ J-blaze

Sure, I may not like most JRPG's simpily because it is not my thing. I have tried a few, and the only one I really liked was TWEWY.

If thats what you are into I respect that, but it is not my thing.

But you don't see me go to every JRPG related article and troll JRPGS.

Unlike you, whom for whatever reason likes to bring up Naughty Dog into every article here.

Mate... get a life.

Anon19743400d ago

I tried hard to like these games. I honestly did. I put about 8 hours into the first two before finally admitting I wasn't having any fun and I just didn't care where the story was going.

I'm not going to knock people who like it - and there's a few people out there, I'll just never understand this games appeal.

RedDead3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

I've played 1,2 and BBS. The Boss battles show that the battle system is actually good(bb>KH1>KH2)...but the normal battles are so crappy and repetitive. Seriously you just fight repeating enemies running through hallways. Boredom.

I myself can't stand Disney cheesyiness, not anymore. As a child of course I liked them, KH also shi*s all over FF characters. Game needs to give you a break from battles since that's the only thing you do in it, if it did the normal battles might be fun too.

KH should take a page form the old FF's too with...just anything to stop you from battling just for a little while, hopefully versus Xiii is this way too and not like KH

As for the story, yes it's very convulated. I liked organization XIII but they were a straight rip from Naruto(something Tetsuya Nomura seems to take a lot of inspiration from these days)

Also still wondering where the hell unversed came from?

TheBossMan3400d ago

Kingdom Hearts 1 was great. I was one of the people who really got into it, though. I was pimpin' Gummi ships like nobody's business, hunting for black mushrooms, trying to see how long I could glide around the Halloween Town pit where Oogie's house was, Kurt Zisa, Watchtower Phantom, etc. Good stuff.

Kingdom Hearts 2, however, had some big flaws. One, it was confusing as all hell at first if you didn't play Chain of Memories. Two, a lot of the world plots were awful. The Pirates world was just... bad. Little Mermaid in the first game was actually really good, with Ursula being a legitimate villain and the shark terrorizing you at random moments. I shall not even mention what happened to that world the second time around. Travel between planets was dumbed down, world's were less complex and dumbed down, the whole game was dumbed down. Only Organization XIII, drive forms, and the final world in the second game lived up to the original.

The series is at its best when you feel like you're being thrust forward and have to adapt on the fly and figure out what's going on. Key moments would be when you first arrive at Traveler's town in the first game, Hollow Bastion's entire story line, the World that Never Was... that's gold.

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Lazy_Sunday3401d ago

It's a fun game, if you're trying to play Kingdom Hearts for the story you're doing it wrong

firefoxprime3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

The gameplay(action-rpg) sucked me in.

KH1- freakin awesome. Challenging boss battles too.

KH2- Updated graphics. Yet the button smashing was really lame.

CoM- Never played it. Won't even touch the RE:CoM for PS2.

358/2 Days:

KH in a DS???? And GTA:ChinaTown Wars was supposed to be graphically groundbreaking HAHAHAHAHA! The missions based gameplay was...different. The story was alright, but a bit rigid. Gameplay returned to KH1 style!

BBS: Never played it. Bought it for my lil bro, so "technically" I have access to it. Unfortunately, my hands are big. So...the psp lil analog slide nub just doesn't cut it. Argh....I just don't like the psp. Vita looks way more comfortable. Really wished BBS got an HD remake or somethin...I can't touch DDD or KH3 until I beat this...

RE-Coded: Its better than 358/2 Days, but I just don't care to finish it. I'm burned out with all the same old worlds. Its annoying, repetitive, and i'm pissed.

DDD: Can't touch it until BBS.

Lazy_Sunday3400d ago

Exactly firefoxprime. Exactly.

Shang-Long3400d ago

its funny cuz i found myself playing 4 the story,
i actually like the story.

Lazy_Sunday3400d ago

The story isn't bad, it's actually really fun. The fluid gameplay, graphics, and overall fun of Kingdom Hearts is what makes it such a good game. It was definitely my favorite game growing up, end of discussion. The story was great, but it's a very playful story--and much like undubbed anime for most people, unless it is aesthetically and functionally superior, it's hard to get into. Kingdom Hearts is superior, and because of it's superiority, it allows for easier ingestion of the story. I'm not saying "THE GAME'S STORY IS TERRIBLE," I'm saying it was a great experience but it's not what defined the game for me.

It was a fun, responsive, playful and innovative cultural bending game. That's why I liked it.

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MEsoJD3400d ago

I,II, and BBS are among my favorite, but I do agree that the story is kind of all over the place. I like donald, goofy, and mickey, but I can live without them if Nomura broke off from disney. Hell we can't even download BBS on the ps store because of disney's insecurity.

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Snookies123401d ago

It does not suck, just because you can't understand it, doesn't make it suck. Some people can't wrap their head around the Metal Gear story, does that make it suck? No, it's amazing... To be honest, Kingdom Hearts as a whole is a fantastic piece of work, that has so much going into it, you have to get into every minute detail to fully comprehend the happenings going on in the universe of the games.

It is one of the only few stories (Game, movie, book, or otherwise) that has actually made me sit there and ponder how things connect to each other. It takes some research at times, and some serious thinking, but things DO make sense.

Arnagrim3401d ago

Don't kid yourself into thinking this game's story is anything but garbage.
The series had a simple story that due to Square Enix wanting to milk the series to fill their pockets by tagging on half assed side stories and unnecessary plot additions (Mark of Mastery exams are you fucking kidding) has become a cluster fuck of ideas it seems like a fourth grader came up with.
Do these plot points line up and have connections? Yes. Are they good, hell no. It's not that people don't understand it, it's that people DO understand it and realize how much of a mess the plot became after the first game.
This series has had the ugliest fall from grace plot wise of any game I've ever seen.

rezzah3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Because you have reasons that are logical to you for not enjoying the series doesn't mean people will think the same way.

It is you who should not kid yourself into thinking everyone is just like you.

Edit for missing word.

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brodychet3400d ago

This game is fun. My personal favorite game of all time, and I've played... hundreds of games. Maybe more.

I love the fun of the game, and the fact that it can still be difficult. Point is.. The story isn't everything. But I love it; Personally..

Knight_Cid3401d ago

The article was fine until the proved there butt hurtness and said exclusives were bad

MsclMexican3401d ago

*face palm*

No, for the love of god... did you read the context as of why he said KINGDOM HEARTS AND OTHER THIRD PARTY EXCLUSIVES ARE BAD?

"It's become a cruel joke that fans of the series have to purchase a new console or handheld every time they want to play the newest Kingdom Hearts game. So at the very least, when Kingdom Hearts 3 finally comes out it should be on all major consoles. Let's stop messing around, the days of console exclusivity for third parties doesn't make sense anymore. "

I agree... if you want to tell a story, stop jumping around from one console to the other, or at least have the decency to include A PREVIOUSLY ON KH... so new comers actually have an idea of whats going on with out being confused as f**k.

Or keep it on the console you started on, but if you plan to move it to a new one, help the new audience catch up. Not every gamer is fortunate to own a PS2,DS, PSP and 3DS.

Hell the only KH games I played was 358/2 days and BBS, and I could not finish either because of how confused I was.

Look at MGS.. although they started on Sony consoles with Metal Gear Solid, they eventually brought most of the games onto other consoles in order for new players to catch up.

MGR requires no past knowledge of previous MGS games, but fans of MGS will get more out of it.

Imagine if a game like Halo 1 came out on Xbox, Halo 2 came out on the PS2 and Halo 3 came out on the wii.

It would not make any sense.

Knight_Cid3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I read exactly what he said and its still ridiculous.

The way square is doing it is just fine.

They put titles on the most popular systems. They have a history doing that with alot of there series

adamant7153401d ago

The only KH games youve played is 358/2 and BBS?


No wonder you're confused..

rezzah3401d ago

That is the main issues with the series, but as a person who follows the story even without playing them all, I find it to be one of the best series for me.

TheGOODKyle3401d ago

Google is your friend if you truly want to know the story. Don't say it doesn't make sense or it's bad because you refuse to learn what really goes on in the series.

BlackTar1873400d ago


is just a hater :)

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Outside_ofthe_Box3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Are you serious?

Is it not frustrating that one has to buy a new console in order to play a new Kingdom Hearts game?

The only KH spin-off I bought was chain of memories. The rest I did not play because it would be foolish for me to buy a new handheld just to play ONE game.

I'm hopping SE does a HUGE Kingdom Hearts collection that brings KH1, KH2, Chain of Memories, Re:coded, 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance all to consoles.

BlackTar1873400d ago

That would be amazing. I cannot buy s system for 1 game. When people say read about it i get it yes thats cool. I don't want to read i want to play that is why i am playing a video game. Of course i can get over it.

Godmars2903401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

In the case of this series, which system hops, it being "exclusive" is ridiculous.

This is perfect example of why Final Fantasy has become what it has. Of Square exploiting their franchises rather than telling a story.

Actually, aren't all the stories after KH2 prolongs?

Sorrow243401d ago

I don't know about DDD but BS and the DS one were prologues.

paybackprahl3400d ago

Re:Coded, a DS remake of the mobile phone game, is a direct sequel to 2.

Megaman_nerd3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

If KH2 was any indication of how KH3 will be then prepare to buy a PsP, a DS and 3DS (plus games) to even be able to comprehend a third of its insanely convoluted story. =/

Eamon3400d ago

Look, its true that KH2's story was convoluted.

The whole identity mystery of Xehanort and the whole Roxas and Namine subplot and the real Ansem's backstory did make things confusing but it was no way bad.

Also, the story would be really confusing if you did not play Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories which is set in between KH1 and KH2.

It was a very entertaining story and kept me wanting to find out what happens next. The only boring parts of the game is when visiting the Disney worlds and then having to revisit them again.

TheFirstClassic3401d ago

I was considering buying kh on psp, would I be that confused from the storyline? It would be my first kh btw.

jacksonmichael3401d ago

It's the earliest in terms of story. It's a good place to start.

Lavalamp3401d ago

It'll be a great experience, sure, but you'd be doing yourself a disservice by going from the title with the strongest combat system to the rest which vary in quality and depth. I'd start with Kingdom Hearts 1 just so you can experience the gradual improvements over time until you hit that sweet spot in BBS.

rezzah3401d ago

You can follow Lavalamp1138 example if you are into gameplay over story, or follow Jacksonmichael if you enjoy story over gameplay.

Sorrow243401d ago

I'd say read up on KH1 and KH2. Then play BS. Afterwards, read on BS and its story.

TheFirstClassic3400d ago

Hey thanks for the advice everyone +bubs for helpful. I think I'll probably go with Sorrow's advice.

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