Harmonix Breaks Down Rock Band Achievements

MTV Multiplayer wanted to know how Harmonix came up with the Achievements for Rock Band. Continuing their series of finding out where Achievements come from, Harmonix Senior Designer Dan Teasdale answers the questions about Rock Band's range of Achievements, including how they differ from Guitar Hero II's Achievements and the possibility of Achievement-laden downloadable content.

But for Teasdale, personally, he said he'd like to see a new kind of Achievement:

"I'd love it if there was some form of additional Achievement-like system in the future that was more like a badge of honor or a way for people to see your play style… Imagine if you could view someone's Gamercard and see that they'd beaten me in a 'Meet the Developer' tournament, or chosen to team up with the Scryers in 'World of Warcraft,' or even was an 'Early Adopter' and played a certain game in the first week of release. You can't do these with Achievements, since you could never get 100%, but with a badge of honor system as well as Achievements, things could be much more flexible."

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