The Queen launches Royal YouTube Channel

The Queen has launched her very own channel on YouTube. Dubbed 'The Royal Channel - The Official Channel of the British Monarchy.' It will feature the Queen's Christmas Day speech. HRH said "I very much hope that this new medium will make my Christmas message more personal and direct."

The Queen's Speech will be available to view on The Royal Channel on Christmas Day.

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Jinxstar4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Interesting.... I fail to see how this has anything to do with gaming news though...

Edit: ok but... Well if you all think so then cool but srsly... I think that the tech portion should be reserved for things like Falcon chipsets, Home, cell, BR, HDDVD, Things of this nature... I still fail to see how News 4 Gamers has anything to do with the queen on youtube... It is interesting no doubt. but in no way related to video games unless we are inventing a "Royal lives" sim or something... They don't use new tech. Some cameras for a reality show broadcast on youtube... How is this ground breaking or anything. The queen is now becoming a soap opera right up there with the ozzbournes(Spelling?)... This is not news for gamers no matter how you look at it... WTF ever guys.

Edit 2: To further my point. how does how many times the queen went to the loo today in anyway tell me anything about the gaming industry... That is what this site is about right? Games? or the queens bowel movements?

Edit 3: Carbon tubes for new HD TV's in tech, The cool racing chair yesterday is tech. The aibo that connects to the PS3 is tech... Cameras in the queens house is not tech unless they can be moved around by viewers on walking robots or something... Even then its a stretch to say its in any way game related.

Popular mechanics is the site for stuff like this. Maybe even G4 or something... Not N4G.

Andronix4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

Jinxstar. The story has nothing to do with gaming. But I do think it has a place on N4G under the TECH section, because it shows how the Monarchy, a very traditional institution, is adopting this new technological means of communication.

Whether we like it or not, technology is changing the world for all of us.

Noodlecup4731d ago

I'm British and couldn't care less if the Queen died today, she's just another rich person and hasn't had any control over Britian for years. Like jinx said this isn't gaming news, it's dog sh!t.

digger184731d ago

Well clear off out of Britain then. People like you make me sick. I and a few of my friends served our Queen and country so crap like you can enjoy living here.

THE DUKE4731d ago

who cares what the hell she thinks, all she does is sit on her fat ass all day

name4731d ago

I'm from America, but how can you all disrespect your queen like that? It's different from someone like the President, or a Prime minister. She represents your entire country.

digger184731d ago

I know, tell me about it.

I just laugh when I see people saying that all the Queen does if sit on her arse, they couldn't be any more wrong. She works a damn sight harder in 1 day than most people do in nearly a week. She not only represents Great Britain, but also all the commonweath countries as well (Australia, new Zealand, Canada, Just to name a few).
Without the Queen and the other Royals, Great Britain would lose a fortune in lost revenue, due to tourists alone.

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