10 Dreamcast Games That Deserve HD Ports

Sega recently announced a new HD port of cult classic Jet Set Radio, and while the first wave of Dreamcast HD ports was severely underwhelming, it’s hard not to get excited at the thought of being able to replay some of gaming history’s best and most beloved titles in HD. Sure, there’s a good (probable even) chance that Sega will half-ass future Dreamcast ports as well, but Sega’s final system still holds a special place in most gamers’ hearts, and I’m sure most hardcore gamers would still gladly spend a few dollars to relive those halcyon days, shoddy port or not.

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theWB273530d ago

Shenmue. Nuff said. I know they're different companies but I cant believe a game can be in development for 10 years, Duke Nukem and Too Human and get all that money thrown towards them but no one in the gaming industry will fund another shenmue even though they know itll sell. MIND BOGGLING!

deno3530d ago

I'd love shenmue on hd.

deno3530d ago (Edited 3530d ago )

Boy do I miss sega consoles. I grew up on genesis and snes. It feels quiet boring without sega's arcade style gaming.

Only the good die young.

AusRogo3530d ago

Shenmue, and sonic adventure too. Hell, give us a shenmue sequel.! And platinum trophy/1000 gs wouldnt hurt. I woulda loved to have had more trophies in sonic adventure.

dirthurts3530d ago

A new Slave Zero could be pretty cool.

TheRichterBelmont3530d ago

Great list. Capcom vs SNK 2 is dreadfully forgotten, Rival Schools needs a revival, and Typing of the Dead was hilarious...

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