Lionhead Studios Hiring For Next-Gen Platforms; next game will be powered by Unreal Engine 4

DSOGaming writes: "All hell has broken loose today, as two triple-A companies began hiring people for their next-generation projects. To be more precise, both Bethesda and Lionhead Studios are hiring, but we'll concentrate on Peter Molyneux's company as there are some interesting technical hints about their next game. So, according to a job list, Lionhead Studios is seeking a highly skilled and experienced Lead Engine Programmer to be a key contributor on an unannounced title."

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NYC_Gamer3521d ago

The new title will most likely hit the new MS console/PC.

Intentions3521d ago

No kidding sherlock, "Lionhead Studios HIRING FOR NEXT GEN-PLATFORMS; next GAME will be powered by Unreal Engine 4"

OC_MurphysLaw3521d ago

I think @NYC_Gamer was referring to the speculation in the article that it was going to be multiplatform based on the Open GL which was something the PS3 does and rumored PS4 would do.

chanmasta3521d ago


Voxelman3521d ago

on Kinect 2.0 with finger detection!

360GamerFG3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Not going to buy it. Peter is going to hype it and call it the best game he's ever made. 6 months after release he'll start tearing into it and telling us how ashamed he is having made it.
Don't want.
Edit: His opinion shows that he'll say anything to hype and sell a game and I don't want to be yo-yo'd with.
Kojima was being his usual overrated melodramatic self, MGS 4 was an excellent movie.

kaveti66163521d ago

What does his opinion on his game have to do with you? Hideo Kojima wasn't happy with MGS4, either.

belal3521d ago

The difference is that kojima dosen't brag about how great his game is....

kaveti66163521d ago


I'm sorry that you decided to involve yourself in video game politics to the extent that you know who creates what and how they market it and make decisions about game purchases based on your attitudes of the individuals who make them.

I'm really really sorry that people like you let it get so bad.

Mystogan3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Peter doesn't hype,hype is what the people create out of his words, he likes tell people what they are working on even extreme prototypes like milo&kate and stuff im pretty sure he is strapped to a chair at lionhead with a sock in his mouth so he can't say anything about their next game.

And all lionhead games were really good games.
although i feel that they don't know where to take the fable franchise.

Fable 1 was the best it had good graphics for its time and excellent gameplay

fable 2 had better graphics although they tried to make the gameplay better by making it more accessible, it backfired.

fable 3 had even better graphics(still not up to todays standards but still),it improved on the gameplay that fable 2 had,this is what fable 2 should have been like.

Fable the Journey...Kinect-Only? seriously?

All i wanted them to do was change the engine i feel fable 3 could have been waaaayyy better if it had unreal engine 3(fable the journey looks great on it).

ow and lol @ article saying game could be multiplatform as in "on ps4''
don't they know lionhead is first-party?

EffectO3521d ago

People are looking way too hard into job descriptions.

DaveMan3521d ago

Agreed. Also Bethesda next gen job post could be nothing more than for Wii U game.

n4gisatroll3521d ago


john23521d ago

Or it could be the 'Tiger' Kinect game, powered by Kinect 2, featuring HD fur with heavy tessellation :P

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