Game|Life's Ten Biggest Disappointments of 2007

Wired's Susan Arendt, Earnest Cavalli, and Chris Kohler have each selected three things that disappointed them this year:

Susan's disappointments:
• Xbox Live Arcade
• Two Worlds
• Halo 3's scratchy packaging

Earnest's disappointments:
• The Internet and Jade Raymond
• The sales of Halo 3
• Super Mario Galaxy

Chris' disappointments:
• No LittleBigPlanet
• Assassin's Creed
• Wii's tiny storage space

And their number-one disappointment of 2007:
• Wii's third-party software lineup

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The Dark Knight4728d ago

im disappointed in this article. thats my 2007 biggest disappointment

Creepa at GameManx4728d ago

Microsoft inability to solve the red rings of death :)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

Sony's inability to create quality games, sell games, PSN and of course the PS3. :-)

1,500,000 COD4 sales vs 400,000 is pathetic

MK_Red4728d ago

Well, at least I agree with their number-one disappointment of 2007:
• Wii's third-party software lineup
Seriously, it was really bad and worse, only the worst of those games sold! Really, Wii had some decent to good 3rd party games and aside from the excellent Zack & Wiki (Which bombed commercially), it had rather good games like Mercury Meltdown Revolution (Didn't sell) and Dewy's Adventure (Didn't sell at all). Even a good mini-game colletion like Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 didn't sell well enough.
At the same time, the worst of those mini-game collections and 3rd party's most crappy games sold the most, specially the mega seller Carnival game that is shallow and weak even compared to Wii Play.

Kleptic4728d ago

which is why everyone has been saying that the Wii is selling mostly for Wii sports...People's grandparents do not want to play other games on the Wii...

1st party stuff has sold marginally well (I say marginally when compared to Wii sports and Wii play) has sold as well as previous generation franchise games...

If 3rd party devs start handling the Wii as the different system that it is, i.e. creating new and innovative ways to use the motion controls first and foremost...then it will have considerable staying power...but if things like this continue...its going to be an N64 repeat all over again...

the N64 had a fantastic first year with considerable hype leading into its second year...but failing 3rd party support (because of cartridges that time around) lead to a pretty substantial ass beating by the original playstation overall for the generation...

Wii Fit will sell well...but sooner or later the general public is going to move on from a trendy video game machine for whatever is next...and after that who is left to keep picking this thing up?...

MK_Red4728d ago

Good comment. Indeed let's hope devs start treating Wii as a different system and take advantage of Wiimote in innovative ways. Games like Zack & Wiki, No More Heroes and such really show how much potential Wii has.

While Wii may indeed end up like N64 with only good 1st party games, lack of 3rd party wont hurt it as much since as you said it yourself, most of Wii buyers just get it to play Wii Sports and that's it.
As for Wii Fit, let's just say that I hope the worst things in the world happen to that thing (I know I'm being to hatefull and crazy but I can't help it, I hate Wii Fit beyond any game relating thing I've seen in ages).

Kleptic4728d ago (Edited 4728d ago )

I have to admit the thing has held on sales wise much longer than I expected...but I know I will never buy one...I don't think that is being fact that is such a retarded stereotype to put on people that own or only want to own one system...the thing isn't fun for me...after 20 minutes of pretty much every game, the grim reality of last generation graphics is too much for me to overcome...I know they are a little better and stuff...but seriously...almost every game on that thing looks like a "great" looking gamecube game...which is almost 7 years old...that combined with no online multiplayer focus...leaves no reason for me to put that little goofy box in my living room...

I grew out of Nintendo first party games, except Metroid (Super Metroid is still my all time favorite side scrolling game), when the original playstation launched...the 007-64 from nintendo was good for only that imo, or possibly Turok 2 as well...but ever since those two games, nintendo has 100% failed to get me reattatched to their 1st party content...through no fault of their own I guess, it is a much more "childishly" marketed brand...

no offense to the fans of the system or whatever...but Sony and MS's offerings in video gaming is far more appealing to me...tried wii when drunk for like 20 minutes...tried tiger woods, fun while sober for a bit...but overly frustrating on anything but the easiest setting...Metroid prime corruption was fun, and mario galaxy was just as fruity and ridiculous as pretty much every other mario game...only game I am remotely excited for is Brawl...and thats it...not enough to get me to buy one...

so in short don't feel bad about being "hateful" towards a doesn't bother a lot of us one bit...not everyone jumps on trendy christmas gifts, and pretty much no one stays with said gifts long term...the Wii will be getting headlines and be around much longer than a bunch of us want it to, but still probably won't last more than 3-4 years...

MK_Red4728d ago

Are you me :)
I also felt bored with after playing Wii Sports for 10-20 minutes. Even the more famous bowling didn't last more than 10 for me. Really weak and boring and I did it in a party like situation with other people and it still sucked.

And OMG, Metroid is indeed the only Nintendo franchise I care for. (And while Super M isn't may all time fave side-scroller, it's among my faves).
I really liked Metroid Prime 3 and Zack & Wiki. SMG was also fun but didn't feel or play like one of highest rated games of all time as it is now and overall, is seriously overrated, perhaps the most overrated game I've seen in years. It's good but it's not 2nd best game of all time good.

OK, we're not fully alike because I'm not anticipating Brawl. I didn't find the franchise interesting to begin with.
I have faith that Wii has potential to become a unique system with innovative control schemes like the ones seen in Zack & Wiki and MP3 but I fear that devs will never take advantage of that potential and it ends up a gimmicky system with a few solid 1st party titles.

Salvadore4727d ago

I don't believe that it will happen as 1st Party titles have always overshadowed 3rd Party games.

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Jack Bauer4728d ago

i agree with tha earnest guy...especially with super mario galaxy.

solar4728d ago

i love the lolcats :D

Fresh4727d ago

Those lol cats make me crack up!XD

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