Dead Space 3 Powered By Frostbite 2.0 - Rumour

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rickybadman4475d ago

Why would EA switch Dead Space to the Frostbite Engine? The Dead Space engine is already a propriety engine. They not have to pay any licensing for it. I guess "Powered by Frostbite 2" with be the new marketing slogan EA screams at everyone

Mac is OK4475d ago

If this is true my guess is that they're switching to Frostbite for next gen development.

iChii4475d ago

Games like Dead Space don't need awesome graphics. Awesome gameplay, Story and Horror is enough for me to say that I freakin' love Dead Space. I don't think they'll be using Frostbite.

kaveti66164475d ago

"Games like Dead Space don't need awesome graphics."

What does "need" have to do with it?

EA can market their games better if they have better graphics. Dead Space 3 would benefit from Frostbite 2 in the following ways: lighting, animation, shadowing, texture, physics.

Better graphics is not something to shrug off.

da_2pacalypse4475d ago

Soon Every EA game will say "power by frostbite 2.0 engine"

I can see it now..... Hello kitty Island adventures, POWERED BY FROSTBITE 2.0 ENGINE!!!! GET IT NOWWWWWWW!!! -_-

NewMonday4475d ago

its like an in-company Unreal engine, that's a smart move, and remember Frostbit incorporates great physics and audio, also destructible environments.

now Bethesda need to use IDtech engine on Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

Sony are already using Santa Monica studios in helping co-develop 1st party games.


Dead Space is one of the few games that I feel really does not need it.

Maybe it will make a big difference for nextgen developement. If I was to go buy the current gen look I would say Dead Space does not need it.

Dead space was one of the most underrated games from a graphical point of view in my opinion. The sound and physics etc were all perfect.

One thing that impressed me more then anything about Dead Space was how stable everything felt. I mean there were hardly any bugs in the game at all. objects etc just looked so solid, the textures were solid, I never noticed any popup at all.

frostbite 2 is great on pc from what I have heard, but I have not seen BF3 on PC only on my 360 and some aspects are great, but there are a lot of things I still don't like about it, too much for me to start listing here, but lets just say I am not jumping for joy at the thought of this.

DeadlyFire4474d ago

"One magical engine to rule them all"

I personally do believe they will use Frostbite 2. Why? Well its EA. They can streamline their whole business plan with one engine on every game. They can upgrade it as time goes on. Cheaper and easier to keep your development team tweaking the same tools and engine than to bring anything else into the picture.

I don't think EA is the only one that does this. Valve does it very much so. There was HL2, CSS, Team Fortress 2, Portal 1&2, Left 4 Dead 1&2, Counter-Strike: GO, Dota 2, hmm....

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The_Nameless_One4475d ago

Why not? Better engine then the one Dead Space uses already.

kamanashi4475d ago

Not exactly. Fb2 is good, but not for everything, it is also very unoptimized at the moment, so its not really the best idea to use it right now. Wait until they can do some similar to CryEngine 3 where it looked better and ran better at the same time.

Bladesfist4475d ago

@Kamanashi CryEngine 3 does not look that much better and runs worse. And how can you say an engine like FB 2 is unoptimized when it provides the visuals it currently does, I think you meant not matured.

dirthurts4475d ago

What? Cryengine 3 runs way way better than the first 2 editions.
Benchmarks everywhere prove it.

Gazondaily4475d ago

Let's just pray there are no flashlights in Dead Space 3. My retinas have been raped to submission already.

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Shaman4475d ago

Because FB2 is EA's engine? It was made by lot of guys from EA, not just DICE.

enfestid4475d ago

The Dead Space engine is EA's engine, too.

TheGameFoxJTV4475d ago

So, why does it matter if EA decides to use a new engine over and old one they developed for the Original Xbox before bring the game back for 360 a while later? Yes, Dead Space 1 was going to be on the Xbox 1.

TheGameFoxJTV4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

For everyone who disagreed with me, here you go. Dead Space 1 was suppose to be on the original Xbox but was canceled. It was brought back this gen.


Don't disagree if you don't know shit about anything.

Voxelman4475d ago

EA want Frostbite 2 to be the one engine they use for all their games so they can have one codebase to maintain rather than having each studio creating their own engine when most games could be built on the one engine with some tweaks.

It is a good business decision as it means they waste less resources reinventing the wheel for each game, it also means that they can have one of the most advanced engines around as they have half a dozen studios updating their engine to keep it at the bleeding edge. It also has the added bonus of allowing their employees to get used to one development environment so they can more easily switch projects and will allow them to develop games faster.

Bioware's next game will probably be FB2 as well

tmoss7264475d ago

Actually I'm not sure if Bioware's next game will be since they've used Unreal 3 for all the Mass Effect games. But it could happen since they're supposedly making Generals 2 with it.

Voxelman4475d ago

They also used an inhouse engine for Dragon Age and a 3rd party one for TOR. But with the current EA initiative for FB2 to become the defacto engine for EA studios and the fact that the Mass Effect (Shepard) trilogy is over so the team will be moving on to something different from them probably on next gen hardware which may or may not be set in the Mass Effect universe so that would be a good opertunity to move to a different engine which is what I meant I just didn't word it correctly. We may even see Dragon Age 2 on the FB2 engine tho that is less likely.

ziggurcat4475d ago

i have a feeling that they wouldn't have to pay any money for the frostbite engine since they're an EA developer...

pedo_across-the-road4475d ago (Edited 4475d ago )

Can I haz my Simpsons game 2 nowz?

MEsoJD4475d ago

I just hope it's not exclusive on Origin, or I'm going to pirate. I'm probably going to get a lot disagrees for that.

JsonHenry4475d ago

Because Frostbite 2.0 is an awesome engine. And LOTS of games from RPGs to RTS to 3rd/1st person shooters are signing on to use this engine. They must have really done something right with this engine to make it so desirable.

I'm not sure about the legal specifics but isn't the people that make Deadspace owned by EA? So why would they lease their own engine to themselves if that is the case?

tmoss7264475d ago

Because DICE who made the Frostbite 2 engine is owned by DICE? It actually makes perfect sense. And in case you didn't know, there's already a non-DICE game powered by Frostbite 2.


4475d ago
ATi_Elite4474d ago

YES it's going to happen!

i said a long time ago that EA's goal was to have all their console games be affiliated with 1 of 3 things:

EA Sports
Frostbite 2

So right now Dead Space on the frostbite 2 sounds just right.

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Nicaragua4475d ago

This is more of "something we made up" rather than a rumour.

cjflora4475d ago

I agree. There is no evidence that any of this is related to Dead Space 3.