Video game fight ends in murder and suicide

A 19-year-old man shot and killed an acquaintance early Friday after playing video games with him, then fatally shot himself, police said. Investigators didn't know whether the shooting, outside a residence in the 3100 block of North Kenwood Avenue, was intentional.

The victim was identified as Robert Warren, 25, 3400 block of North Illinois Street.The gunman, Tecoil Jones, 19, 1800 block of North Moreland Avenue, shot Warren in the head during a scuffle, police said. Police said Jones' grandmother told them she witnessed the fight and that, after Warren was shot, her grandson ran behind the house. She then heard another gunshot.

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InMyOpinion4731d ago

I wonder what the 19-year-olds background was like? I mean if there was something more to this than the gaming itself. It seems very possible to me. I wonder why they never mention stuff like that...

Fighter4731d ago

Not all Americans but most of them. Blame it on their obsession for guns.

TheExecutive4731d ago

Not all BUT MOST? lol... everyone I know doesnt get into fights with a handgun over videogames. Who do you hang out with?

Blame this incident on stupidity. Weapons arent the problem, dumba$$es are.

BloodySinner4730d ago

It doesn't matter who you know. I'll have to agree with MaximusPrime. The majority of these types of issues happen to take place in America.

solar4731d ago

from shooting each other over sneakers to video games...when will it end?

crazy250004731d ago

what the hell is so damn important about video games to kill someone and yourself?!??!

TheExecutive4731d ago

obviously you arent a gamer! True gamers go to any extent to win!

Eclipticus4730d ago (Edited 4730d ago )

that is the most ignorant thing I have ever heard.
So a person is only a true gamer, if they go to any lengths to win?
Dude, I have owned everysystem from the atari 2600 to the 360, excluding the ps3, and neo-geo. I even owned the Jaguar.
I consider myself a true gamer, my family and friends, all know its an aspect of my life. but i dont go to any lengths to win, i enjoy the game, or the competition...
to say a true gamer would go to any lengths to win, in regards to an article is inappropriate. And doing a major disservice to gaming industry. It is somethat Jack Thompson would say...

5.3. you know whats funny, after i posted, i figured it might be the case. him being sarcastic.... Whats sad is I hate people that leave posts like i did. just one of those nights... which only means one thing....damn im getting old.

jessupj4730d ago

dude, i think Executive was being sarcastic.

On a more related topic...

I doubt the incident was because of the video game, they just happened to be playing a game when this tragic event happen. But the media son's of b*tches' love to blame video games and they know to the stupid un-educated sheep (general public) will completely soak it up. Everyone loves to blame video games. You all know this to be true. People like to point the finger at something they have no idea about. I hate sheep.

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The story is too old to be commented.