GAMERZ411 # 48: Vita Super Hot or Total Flop?

T-Hill writes: In this weeks episode we cover the Vita launch, Boarderlands 2 trailer. We rip apart Mass Effect 3's Co-Op and talk up Asura's Wrath.

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NYC_Gamer3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

It's too early to judge the success of Vita.the launch titles/price isn't winning over many gamers at the moment

rezzah3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

I don't think that it is the core gamers that is the issue, unless they can't afford it, but the casual gamers.

they will see the 3DS as cheaper and be more likely to go for it without too much thought. Also the PSV is has a mature look to it, not like something you'd give to a kid to use.

edit for typo.

Dante1123521d ago

Idk NYC, I think the PS Vita is doing well (It's still in the top 10 on Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart in the US). I think it even did well in the UK (Going off of the recent UK sales report).

Hey Thrill, I bought MvC3 with my Vita (Never got the PS3 version). It's pretty damn fun. I'm gonna try to get Rayman soon.

SPAM-FRITTER-1233521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

uncharted and wipeout seem cool but the price is still a bit steep for me. £250 could buy a lot of things in life.

joebrown3521d ago

I feel that handheld pricing needs to be lower than it currently is set.

xAlmostPro3521d ago

Explain to me why, please? :)

I've seen multiple people say the same but without a decent reason.

Fact is, it's packed with tech. and has launch games that graphically match the first uncharted minimum. On paper it also pretty much matches a 360.

On top of that it's portable, just like powerful laptops can be pricey against a desktop that's better, because you pay for portability.

On top of that there's vita bundles that come in at half the price of an iphone.

It really does confuse me when people say such things because factually it's not sensible to say from any angle.

I should note it IS pricey, however it's worth it. Even more so in comparison with other pieces of tech.

SPAM-FRITTER-1233521d ago

joebrown was only stating his opinion and you just PSFanboy'd him. any need?

joebrown3521d ago

I agree that they are packed with tech, and I must admit that I am not much of a handheld gamer but to pay the going price for handheld games I want to get more than portability. I would rather spend a few dollars more and get a more complete experience from the same game over a console or PC version. Obviously this is my opinion and handheld fans will disagree but that's what comments are for right?

stuna13521d ago

You have an agree from me, technically the vita is a pretty nice piece of kit and the portability just expounds on that!! Sony got it right this time, whether people want to give them credit or not.

mathsman3521d ago

Hmm... wasn't too impressed with Asura's Wrath myself.

NiceGuy1923521d ago

Yeah obviously it needs to be either the best or the worst thing in the world. Obviously.

Hicken3521d ago

I was thinking the same thing: Can it ONLY be one or the other?

And how does a week or two worth of sales determine either one. Would it be better if it sold ten million the first week and then five units every day after? Or would it be better to have long legs(like most other PS stuff)?

Is it not possible to do well, or simply average, or slightly above or below?

"Boom or Bust" seems to be the media's theme for the Vita.

Game4life3521d ago

A bit off topic but is anyone else having a error that keeps redirting you when clicking on the Vita tab?

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