Achievements: Devil May Cry 4

Devil May Cry 4 represents a series evolution rather than anything truly new but for many, that will be more than enough to generate excitement - after all, it's one of the most stylish, intense combat action games around & to add to the anticipation there are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points:

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SuperSaiyan44727d ago

Really looking forward to this game, gotta love the achievemants definently adds loads of replay value to games!

v1c1ous4727d ago

2 achievements dedicated to it makes me wonder.....

Zhuk4727d ago

Achievements are a great reason why I will be purchasing the Xbox 360 version of Devil May Cry 4 over the PS3 version, which is inferior in features.

The Xbox 360 version will also undoubtedly sport better graphics and gameplay combined with the award winning controller and online features, making it the definitive version to own for all DMC fans

Eamon4727d ago

Are you secretly a employee of M$. lol

Anyway, it is true that Achievments add a lot more replay value into a game. X360 games have more replay value that PS3 games because of this whole achievemnets system.

Power of Blu4727d ago

Just a shame you need achievements to show you how to play the game. I'm betting I get all your achievements completed (Without the little "Ding" achievement unlocked) while just going through the game on all difficulties.

Yeah, Achievements are a real reason to get this game. LAUGH OUT LOUD!

gta_cb4727d ago

i personally think achievements are great, they add soo much replay value to a game, just on the top of my head i think of Crackdown, lots of people said it was bought just for the beta of Halo 3 but i bought it because i played the demo and loved it, its just like GTA but your on the police's side lol, plus you can kill innocent people if you want to lollollollol anyway yeah some of those achievements like keep a car or whatever in the air for 7 seconds using explosives i could only do in co-op mode but then we would be doing all those other crazy mini games etc aswell. achievements are good in my eyes.

NEO_X4727d ago (Edited 4727d ago )

but at one time were you not a non-fanboy?
I swear i remember reading a post of yours and thinking good post.
but now you are almost as bad as the-mart.... almost.
anyways not trying to hate on ya brother as a matter of fact I love your icon snatcher was a great game.
I only own a ps3 it's true but i'm one of the few that hope that metal gear will go multi so we can all enjoy its greatness... alas i doubt it though.
anyway sorry to go so far off topic guys good to hear DMC will have lots of achievements for my box buddies and i hope that this deadly plague of fanboyism will soon die out.

until then i'm off to play some uncharted

snakeater34727d ago

zhuk....just remember this ....devil may cry is a playstation game grew up on sony s console....bottom line ? true dante fans have played the originals and will play the next instalment on its rightful console.....the other casual gamers ...well...they need to do with playing a franchise from its a$$ ...that is from number 4 ....and btw , the xbox version doesnt sport better visuals..the era where 360 games look better is over YOU better get over it as well . period

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Strife Lives4727d ago getting this on 360. it'll fl weird though. Playing with the triggers. Even weirder,just yesterday I was playing DMC 1 and thought, with the triggers on the 360 how it would affect gameplay. Positive or negativly? Either way,this is pure 360 for me nw. Its nt enough for me to buy a ps3.

gta_cb4727d ago

i see your point, i was wondering how GTA would play like on the Xbox 360 as i have had every version so far on PS/2/PSP but i have seen the PS3 controllers and the L2/R2 buttons are also triggers now so i figure it will be identical?

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