Why It’s Time To Put A Stop To Retailer Exclusive Editions

Phil from StickTwiddlers writes why he thinks that it's time for retailer exclusives to finally be put to a stop.

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Rainstorm813521d ago

The young george foreman was horrible, even though EA ruined FN:champion with patches removing blood and ruining the stamina and power punches.

Another dumb one is the Batman AC Robin and Nightwing skins as well as the new SSX Eddie Wachowski character and custom snowboard (EA again)

I am really not in favor of devs slicing the game up further just to give select outlets exclusive DLC....A better way to do it is to have an in game item unlocked early as opposed to going through the game to find it, or free DLC like Back to Karkand

dumahim3521d ago

I have no problem with DLC as a pre-order incentive, but I do hate the retailer exclusive stuff. Most of the time, it tends to be in favor or GameStop which I flat out refuse to visit.

Felinox3521d ago

This is just a way for retailers to get preorders with little to no cost. Remember when preordeders scored you decent swag like a shirt or poster...

Smashbro293521d ago

This happened in SCV and now I'm not even sure if they'll allow Dampierre at tournaments.