EA: Syndicate reboot as FPS "the right choice"

EA's decision to reboot the Syndicate with a first-person shooter was "the right choice", the gargantuan video game publisher has insisted.
Both publisher EA and Swedish developer Starbreeze have discussed the development of the game, which launched last week.
EA's decision to go first-person for today's Syndicate angered many fans of the much-loved strategy series and this, Starbreeze admitted, added pressure to the development.

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Lone4121d ago

It was the right choice, for them, because it was the easy way to make money with very little risk. No genre / platform conflicts. Slap the name on a generic FPS base and call it good.

lelo2play4121d ago

Is it only me that thinks Syndicate (FPS) is an average FPS, and EA ruined the franchise ?

AllroundGamer4121d ago

to me it was also just another generic fps game, couldn't finish it either... (and i played the classic Syndicate on my Amiga500 :) )

NYC_Gamer4121d ago

EA loves to ruin established franchises with garbage reboots.


As soon as I get a chance I'm jumping on in!

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