Jonathan Blow: The Witness end game maybe “the most interesting thing I have ever designed”

Jonathan Blow, the creator of the highly acclaimed puzzle platformer Braid is working hard on his next game, The Witness. The extraordinary game designer has stated that he was working on the end game lately for The Witness and described it as one of his “most productive periods” of his working life.

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hardcore19123531d ago

Loved Braid. Can't wait to play this.

whothedog3531d ago

I loved Braid too! I want this game now.

Menashe3531d ago

I loved Myst AND I loved Braid. So this combines the genre of Myst with the creator of the Braid. One of the most interesting games on the horizon. Can't wait to play it!

JohnnyMann4203531d ago

I loved braid but have you guys seen this game? I am so not interested and I am personally sick of blow touting it.

All of the demos showed that it was a bunch of mini puzzle games thinly veiled as a exploration game.

I'm not impressed.