Horde All Over Town

Justin Belin writes, "Back in 2008, Epic games shook up the cooperative multiplayer world with Gears of War 2’s “Horde Mode”, a 5-player cooperative last stand against increasingly aggressive waves of foes. In a multiplayer landscape in which competitive deathmatch was the persistent flavor of most multiplayer games (with the exception of the like-minded cooperative rush of the two Left 4 Dead campaigns), the Band of Brothers mentality of horde mode was a refreshing and addictive change of pace that some favored far more than PvP multiplayer. Fast forward to 2012 and horde mode has been horde all over town. While it has certainly been improved upon in places since its initial offering in Gears of War 2, Horde Mode multiplayer has become a marketing bullet point to be prominently displayed in promotional material. Objectively, this is a simple business decision."

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