Retro: When The Xbox Nearly Failed

Casually Hardcore takes a look back at the time the Xbox nearly failed. There was a time when people thought Microsoft would pull out of the games industry after the Xbox became a massive failure just after launch. Casually Hardcore tells the story of what happened and how Microsoft survived it.

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LX-General-Kaos3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

That was one hell of a read. My hat is tipped that the xbox is alive and well to this day through the 360. Those poor jabronis almost didnt make it out alive.

I remember reading up how the foundation laying Nintendo Entertainment System almost suffered a similar fate in the 1980s. My baby almost didnt make it with its first steps in NY. Luckily for me and all other elite gamers across the world it pulled through and became a monster success.

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Drekken3521d ago

I think all PS3 and 360 fans will agree that you are worse than any of the MS/Sony fans.

Seriously... Nintendo fans take the cake.

honkyjesus3521d ago

Wasn't the Xbox pretty much a failure? I don't know, it was around for four years and was just an intro system for MS.

hellvaguy3521d ago

For my dollar the first xbox dominated the competition in alot of ways (obviously not in sales). But the xbox did have a built in hard drive, internet, and superior hardware specs. Remember the ps2 still used memory cards and you had to buy an online adapter.

insomnium23521d ago

You should take into acount when each of those consoles were launched. Online was not big back when PS2 was launched and there really was no need for HDDs since people did not need much space with dial up internets.

The tech with internets have improved by leaps and bounds after that but still it was too early for a HDD with the xbox. It was cool and all but it also spelled doom on the console due to high price. Too early.

This gen HDDs are standard or atleast should be. We have extremely fast internet and games need more data than discs can stream.

Captain Qwark 93521d ago

i enjoyed my original xbox more than my ps2 for one reason and that reason remains the same today, xbox live.

been on live since it launched from ghost recon, to wolfenstein, to halo 2, to ghost recon 2.

Virus2013521d ago

Ohh man. Halo 2 provided me with the greatest online experience of my life. I don't know one person who had an Xbox and wasn't playing halo 2 back in 04- early 07. Halo 2 made online console gaming what it is today.

spacedelete3521d ago

i feel sorry for anyone who bought a Xbox1 over a PS2. PS2 had all of the best games first and third party. and for people who say Xbox was more powerful no duh as it came out 2 years after PS2 released so you would expect that.

the graphics weren't that big of a leap as when you look at a Xbox 1 which is a massive brick and thats being kind then compare it to the PS2 slim. i would pick the PS2 over the Xbox 1 any day of the week.

in fact i'd even say the Xbox 1 is along with the Wii one of the worst modern consoles ever made.

tokugawa3521d ago

and i feel sorry for anyone that needs to slate last gens competing console.... jesus fanboys need to get a grip.

in all honesty, i had 2 ps2s last gen and 1 xbox, and the xbox destroyed it imo! just the fact that the ps2 had all the 3rd party mega franchises.

xbox, and the 360 are great consoles, just like sonys. get over it

Tzuno3520d ago

Well it was a risk that transformed in Success but the key here was the Xbox Live service that boosted the console popularity when others competitors where lacking in online services or their online service was poor.