GameStop to Discontinue Gamecube Trade-Ins

"Prior to the Nintendo Wii, you might remember that Nintendo released the Gamecube. After being on the market for 10 year, Gamestop has officially declared it a collectible." - JPS

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jacksonmichael3521d ago

Hm... I'm surprised they hadn't already. They don't support older generations whatsoever. Part of the problem with the gaming market, in my opinion.

Nitrowolf23521d ago

plus I mean it's not like your getting any much worth for it right? I remember trading in my gamecube for a launch pS3. Got lucky with the extra 50% trade in of a console. I think at that time it was like $25 (no bonus).

admiralvic3521d ago

While it is very little, it is a very quick/easy way to clear out something you don't want/won't use.

MrBeatdown3521d ago

I bought a used GameCube from them about four years ago. It was $20. Hell, it was cheaper than the copy of Twin Snakes I bought for it.

I'm guessing by trading in now, you'll get enough to afford one of those PS2 copies of Madden 2001 in a paper sleeve sitting on the counter.

LX-General-Kaos3521d ago

Gamestop finally put the old girl to rest.

MySwordIsHeavenly3521d ago

Disc Replay still takes them. In fact, they take every system ever made...AND they give you more than GameStop.