Wisconsin Senator Proposes Game Tax to Fund Juvenile Treatments

As reported by the Wisconsin Radio Network, Wisconsin State Senator Jon Erpenbach wants to introduce legislation to treat non-violent 17-year-old delinquents in rehabilitation programs instead of adult court. However, Erpenbach wants to pay for the programs by adding a special one-percent sales tax for video games and game consoles. The surcharge would be in addition to Wisconsin's current five-percent sales tax. (December 19, 2007)

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mccomber4731d ago (Edited 4731d ago )

That's exactly the face I picture when I think "douche bag". Coincidence?

Damphear4731d ago

they cant dictate what price for a console. thats bullshit if it happens m$ and sony might cry about it

Merovee4731d ago

Hailing from Wisconsin I will be a bit more vocal to representatives from now on.

Agent VX4731d ago

Yanks, don't become like my country, Kanadastan, where we tax everything, everyway you can.

For instant, they want to tax IPods (30gig or higher)an extra $75 dollars and give it out to all the poor and starving musical artists.

We live in an era where no one is responsible for their actions anymore, it's all the evils of video games that our society is collapsing into one huge real life GTA.

Don't fall for the BS, cause soon it will be a tax on breathing, cause if you don't know it already, you are contributing to the CO2 problem.

ironwolf4731d ago

Madison Wisconson is, after all, the Berkley of the mid-west.

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