Metal Gear Rex Statue is $500 - For Good Reason

Gamers love few things more than epic swag related to their favorite franchises. Metal Gear fans get to bask in that glory this week with the announcement of ThreeA Toys' "Metal Gear Rex" model. At 1/48 scale, this model boasts incredible detail and is a must-include in the collection of any hardcore fan of Solid Snake lore. The only downside for this guy is the price; $490 is a lot of cash for a model, even one as beautiful as "Metal Gear Rex."

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crimsonfox3521d ago

damn...only if i was rich.
it looks really cool though it has some crazy detail

Solid_Snake373521d ago

Yeah bro :/ I would get this on a blink of an eye if I had the cashiola

Hellsvacancy3521d ago

It looks awesome rather hav it in kit form, id do a better paint than that

Bay3521d ago (Edited 3521d ago )

Well it is $490 with shipping already, maybe, the thing is actually about 430-450 ish? Still expensive as hell though (and it's 3A toys, imagine the aftermarket prices!). Even with my 15% off from being a 3AA member, it's still a ton to pay for.

They do offer a bill me later option for those who really want one, but don't have the cash for it immediately though.

MrGunny943521d ago

I got the cash... the problem is... I'm gonna feel guilty for wasting it on something like this and then i'll whine later that i don't got money

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