Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review (XBLA) - "While I can’t say that it would rank amongst my top Survival-Horror games, it certainly provided a much needed distraction. It also gave me reason to indulge in the simple rules of Survival-Horror gameplay – lights off, playing late at night, sound cranked (Wife: “Why would you put yourself through that?” Dan: “I don’t know… I don’t know….”)."

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disturbing_flame3522d ago

It's not a survival-horror game.
If Alan Wake was a survival horror game, it would be a great game, or a really better game that it is now.

This DLC is cool, but there are better games on the XBLA.

Captain Qwark 93521d ago

i agree it would be much better as a survival horror, hell i keep thinking there are going to be zombies around every corner.

however i think it is very good as is but im pretty pissed off becuase the game froze during the second half on me and wouldnt get passed it :/ i had to start over. if it freezes there again im gonna lose it on ms.

krautgamer3521d ago

i had a pretty bad slowdown for 5 minutes where the game basically became a slide show.. really pissed me off.

Captain Qwark 93521d ago

id still take slowdown over completely frozen :/ but either way its unacceptable