Xbox Live Problem

Some Xbox Live Users may be unable to log into Xbox Live. The Xbox Live engineers are currently investigating and are working to resolve this issue.

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pschampion4202d ago

coming from a man who spent half of this waiting to get back from repair only to be sent back in a few seconds

jack who4202d ago

what are you talkin about?

godofthunder104201d ago

i'm tired of hearing about the 360 rrod every time something happen.hell this has to do with live not the 360 system.
what i don't understand is why people are calling microsofts 360 trash and say that they need to stop making game systems.when the ps1 and 2 came out they had problems to,especially the ps1,i had to buy 5 of them in less then a year and a half because they kept saying can't read disc even when it was a new system with a new game because they had defected drives in them but sony fixed the problem in a few years and now it's a good system,the ps2 had problems when they were first releast it,but when they released the ps3 it was done right but now they are saying that the ps3 is starting to crash on some people but i know that sony will fixed the problem even if i hate them.
microsoft is fixing the 360.all the new ones have the new chips in them so they want over heat and every one get a 3 year warrinty on their systems and not one other company ever gave a 3 year warrinty on their electronic product with a defect or not,microsoft is the only one to do didn't even give an extra month warrinty on the ps1 when they first releast it and they had defective drives in them.if you had a ps1 and the drive went out after 60 or 90 days(i forgot how long it was)you were stuck with it and had to buy another one like i had to and i bet that the people who had their ps3 longer then 90 days and it crashed on them they are just stuck with it and they will have to buy another ps3.
i admit that i hate sony and the ps3 but i'll admit that the ps3 was done right when they first released it because the few people that had a problem with the ps3 is to few to even mention.the ps1 on the other hand had defected drives in them,i'll admit that it didn't over heat it just wouldn't read and discs.the 360 has a defected chip in it causing it to over heat but microsoft is fixing it just like sony fixed the ps1.
i'm not saying that microsoft is perfect because not one company is.all of the big companies like microsoft and sony makes back room deals like buying an exclusive game,i know that sony fans will say that sony never did that,but the truth is that sony doese the same thing like every other big company in the world because if sony never did thing like that then they wouldn't be where they are at now.look at it this way why would a game company just give sony an exclusive game for no reason when another company will pay you + you will have the same deal as sony,anyone who has a brain knows that it's not even a choice because a company looks out for their stock holders not sony or any other company but theirs,all they want to do is make the biggest profit that they can so they can keep their stock holders happy.
what i'm tryinmg to say is that sony fans need to stop with the rrod because microsoft is fixing them,hell people didn't talk this long about the defected drives in the ps1 and people was just stuck with them if they broke on them.just like sony with the ps1 ,microsoft is fixing the problem.i know that the ps3 isn't haveing any problems but it took sony 3 generations of ps to get it right the first time and this is just microsoft second fans need to remember what happened to the ps1 before they start making fum of people who bought a 360 and it broke on them because a person who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones at some one else.

Sez 4201d ago (Edited 4201d ago )

good post dude. i have went thru the same problems with the ps1 and ps2.but i have come to the point that sonyfanboys tent to want to forget or deny it ever can point out the countless screams of people that went thru the dre problem and filed law suits and they will deny it one knows the rate of failure with the ps1 or ps2 becuase no one made it a major toppic because it was sony.

the way i see it sony can do no wrong in the eyes of some of these gaming sites and these extreme fanboys. the ps3 is losing and rather badly at that. so the reason why you see people still posting about the 360's RRoD is because thats all they have to talk about the 360.they have nothing else.i mean what else can they talk about. the games. the 360 have a great lineup of games out and some to come. they may not be up to your standards or systems seller as some of you call them. but they sell better than the best exclusive on the ps3 ATM.

what else can they talk about XBL. yeah you pay $50 dollers for a year(oh sorry 13 months. as you get a month for free.)but look at the feature you get.that the psn don't get.cross game chat,cross game messaging,cross game invites,play your own music in game,view message during game play,demos and arcade games every tuesday,a headset. yes i know some people feel some of these things should be free. it does cost to maintain them for long periods of time.thats the reason why i think sony doesn't offer alot of the same feature as xbl.

the point i trying to make is. let the sonyfanboys talk about the rrod all they want. it doesn't escape the fact that ps3 is in last place,most port are better on the 360,only two games out of the ps3 lineup sold over a million units WW,the ps3 had two price drop in it's first year (which in gaming history is unheard of)just to sell half of the 360 install base.even with the 360 getting major bad press about the dreaded rrod. it still out sold the ps3 every month straight.

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Account deleted4202d ago

the idea here is to maximize everyone bubbles so the real fanboy wars can begin

Winter47th4202d ago

Begun the bubble war has.

Mighty Boom4201d ago

Phuck the bubble system! What are we, phucking kids!? Oh yea... This sites bread and butter comes form the childish ps3 fanboy! Makes sense why this is such a censored site. Queer ass algorithms! Take my phucking bubbles!

bososakoo4201d ago

man he pissed you all xbots, i am sure every xbot here gave him negative feedback and reported the comment as spam so here it goes
title: xbox exclusive confirmed
it has been confirmed that the highest failure rate in consumer electronics will remain exclusive to the xbox with timed exclusive bugs :d