6 new LOST The Videogame screenshots

6 new screenshots from the upcoming LOST: The Videogame for PC, X360 and PS3 show the crashed plane, a couple of characters or a run through the jungle.

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MaximusPrime5142d ago

i forsee this game going to be a total flop.

Polluted5142d ago

If ever there was an IP that didn't need a video game, it's Lost. I love the show, but I'm sooo not looking forward to this game.

toughNAME5142d ago

Lost season 3 in a few days

killer_trap5142d ago

maybe this game will end the legacy of bad tv shows to video games. hahahaha(i'm cracking by self up).

i love the show and i heard season 4 will be 8 episodes only!!!! what gives?

Polluted5142d ago

They were supposed to make 3 more seasons with 16 episodes each, but then the writers went on strike and now we only get half a season. Even if the strike ends right now they won't be able to get a full season finished in time. Pain in the @ss, eh?

mikeslemonade5142d ago

Lost is better than Heroes and im looking forward to this game, but im not expecting much. There's no screenshots of Kate. I hope Kate turns out pretty in the game.

killer_trap5142d ago

lol does it matter if she's pretty in the game!!!! just go watch her on the show. at least it's real FLESH.

besides like what polluted said. i to smell a stinker coming our way. i'd say it'll average between 4- 5 outa 10

Polluted5142d ago

I like brunettes, but I never found Kate that attractive. Now Claire on the other hand...that's where it's at. ;-)

killer_trap5142d ago

i don't know i've always had a thing for brunettes. an average brunette tops a gorgeous blond for me any day.

ok we got way of topic here. the main thing, can't help it still thinking about brunettes.

mikeslemonade5141d ago (Edited 5141d ago )

I mean there's not much hotness on the island. Kate does wear the kind of clothes that make an average looking woman look better than she actually is. She does have flaws but I think certain flaws make a lady sexy. Of all the main actresses in Lost I like 1. Kate 2. Ana Lucia 3. Libby 4. Juliet. Claire is starting to be a looker at the end of season 3.

I also want the game to see how the game ties into the TV show story. There is noway im paying $60 for this game. It's going to be a rental for me and i'm a hardcore Lost fan.

Polluted5141d ago

Hey! Dead chicks don't count! ;-)
Actually I was going to say Anna Lucia myself, but I figured she wasn't on the show long enough.

mikeslemonade5141d ago

Also the writers of the show like games. I think this game is developed by the creators of Peter jackson's King Kong movie game. That game was descent. It got 7.5s around the review sites. I kinda hope the game is somewhat bad because it would be kinda funny to look where the game screws up in relation to the show.

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TwissT5142d ago

I really don't like the show so most likely I will not like this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.