CT Preview: 'Star Trek' boldly goes to consoles

CT writes:

No Bones about it - ha, I made a funny - J.J. Abrams' 2009 "Star Trek" reboot was quite the successful one, despite all the lens flare.

The movie reignited interest in the franchise, thanks to a great young cast and a story that actually made sense to fans. And with a sequel on the way next year, we can only wonder what next great step will happen within the video game realm. Well, thanks to Namco Bandai games, we know.

Set phasers to stunning.

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joab7774042d ago

It would b awesome to get a great star trek game. I was excited and i like digital extreme. I loved bioshock 2...alot. But it makes me nervous to know that they r making this game to coincide w the release of a movie. Here's to hoping it is actually good. And it's great news for consoles twice in 1 week, this and guild wars 2. Though, i can't imagine how GW2 will play on a console.

GillHarrison4042d ago

Digital Extremes only did the multiplayer portion of Bioshock 2, the single-player was handled by 2K Marin.

joab7774042d ago

That is true. I actually liked the multi for Bioshock 2 though i must say that i am quite bias in the sense that anymore of rapture is a great thing. The dual wielding was perfect, i loved the video camera. Bishkek is one of my top two or three favorite ips of all time so i guess it's hard to judge a company working with someone else's genius. And i guess i would prefer a sp star trek unless they were developing an mmorpg which they are not. I guess we will c.