Mega Man Not Ready to Brawl... Yet.

"Father of Mega Man," Keiji Inafune, recently appeared on Capcom's Bionic Commando "Top Secret" podcast, wherein he was asked about Mega Man appearing in Nintendo's smash-hit fighting game. While he says that Mega Man isn't in, he does indicate that such a thing could change, with a bit over a month to go before the game's release.

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BigKev454730d ago

I'm not ready for it either, lol.

jonboi244730d ago

man with all the characters that appeared on every mega man series u think that maybe capcom may come up with their own mega man fighting game. i mean they did it for onimusha why not mega man?

ChickeyCantor4730d ago

yeah i like the sound of that one on one( 2 on 2 or free for all) megaman style =D

although...the first megaman would be awesome....the one that was also in marvel vs capcom.....he fits perfectly in the smash world

TwissT4730d ago

I have never even thought about mega man in brawl.

wiizy4730d ago

he is def in brawl.. cant wait for this game