IGN's Hands On Tales of Symphonia

Thirty minutes into the start of the Jump Festa event on Saturday over at the Makuhari Messe just outside Tokyo, lines for the new Tales of Symphonia game reached ninety-minutes, and never looked back. Waiting that long to play a game for a few minutes is usually a drag, but IGN didn't have too many qualms about getting an early first chance at the sequel to one of the GameCube's biggest RPGs.

Bandai Namco had Tales of Symphonia: Knight of Ratatoskr, as the game is titled over in Japan, set up for play in eight kiosks, using a demo that was specially prepared for the Jump Festa event. Following a brief chat amongst main characters Emil and Malta, IGN were asked to explore a dungeon and arrive at a boss within five minutes. Five minutes may seem short for a demo, but the counter thankfully stopped when entering battle.

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ChickeyCantor4005d ago

Sounds freaking awesome, making enemys join your team =D !!!11
although i dont really understand what they meant with the battle system....he says you are lined in 2d system ( like the DS tales of...where you have to pick a line and fight with a monster?)and then he says you can walk free...just like ToS? not getting this..

can someone explain this >_<

MK_Red4005d ago

I think it will be like Tales of Legendia where fights were lined and in 2D while the rest of game and world was 3D and ready to be explored. I really loved that game, hopefully this one can be as great or even better.

ChickeyCantor4005d ago

as in....Tales of phantasia ?

but then in 3D?

Prismo_Fillusion4005d ago

Tales of Symphonia was one of the best Gamecube games, and just an awesome game in general. The fighting was incredibly fun, and the game lasted over 50 hours. The best part was that it was all multiplayer and I played through the entire game with 2 friends, and I think this new game is only single player...but besides that I'm sure it'll be great.

KingKirchner4005d ago

I'm glad this game is coming along good, but I don't know if it'll be able to be as good as it's predicessor. ToS is in my Top 3 games of all time.

Darkiewonder4005d ago

linear 3D battles ftw.

Still needs to go back to full 3d moveable map. but oh well.

Zhuk4005d ago

This game makes me want to buy a Wii

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The story is too old to be commented.