He Is The Most Interesting Gamer In The World

Gamer-on-gamer hate runs strong, online and offline. It seems rare that one can express his/her opinion without garnering jeers, sarcasm, or even outright name-calling and other insults. Game Revolution's Heath Hindman begins: "You know what I've noticed about myself that doesn't seem to be true of a lot of gamers? I respect your opinions and don't think your lifestyle is inferior to mine. Yeah. This seems like common courtesy, but much in the way that 'common sense' is the least common of all senses, 'common courtesy' is also a rare drop -- the legendary treasure of gifts from gamers."

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TopDudeMan3522d ago

This is true, recently if you comment on any forum, news article or opinion piece about the vita, you have to hold the vita as the holy grail of all gaming or your opinion is wrong.

I, on the other hand, just don't really care about it...
Sure, I can see why other people might like it, but it's not really my thing. And if it's not your thing: Yup, you guessed it... Your opinion is... Wrong.

MmaFan-Qc3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

ironic, since recently i see a shit load of jelly peoples who simply cant afford it or peoples trying to justify their "lack of enthusiasm" with strange & confused rationalisations, by nitpicking and whinning and posting disinformations about a console they dont own and probably never will.

welcome to forums, where a 8yrs old can pass as a credible and unbiased "journalist".

fei-hung3522d ago

Whilst I agree I mustalso strongly point out that there are diiferent tyoes of opinions and people must understand that not all opinions can be respected e.g. The opinion of Adolf Hitler of white supremecy and killing Jews.

You have well informed opinions, troll opinions designed with a not so good agenda in mind.

Hypocritical opinions where a flaw is raised but on another matter, it is ignored e.g. The classic CoD arguement where they never get marked down for glitches, lack of originality / innovation, small campaign and average graphics.

You have clueless opinions where people talk nonesense e.g. The Vita is doomed due to smartphones and tablets where the writer cannot even differentiate between a handheld dedicated console and a phone. Or the WiiU will be DoA basing their opinion on hardely any facts, theories proved wrong from the current generation and possibly getting their opinions from a roll of dice.

For opinions to be respected they have to be worthy of respect. Flamebait articles, nonesence, hypocrosy and nonesense are not respect worthy ingredients for us gamers to applaud.

In fact, as gaming journalists, some of you have written more articles in light of gaming failing and dying than that of support. If you cannot even respect gaming, then maybe you shouldnt write about the industry.

Hicken3522d ago

Too bad I can only give you bubbles for one thing. That was well said, interesting, AND intelligent.

gtxgamer23522d ago

"stay thirsty my friends."

knifefight3522d ago

Or maybe "Stay Angry, My Birds."

Ramses33522d ago

I clicked this link just for the Dos Equis guy.

dbjj120883522d ago

Don't hate, just participate!

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