Top Ten PlayStation Vita Launch Titles

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) launched the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) console throughout Europe and North America this past week, and with it came what is arguably one of the strongest launch line-ups of any console in history. While the PS Vita may not have offered anything as revolutionary as Super Mario 64 or as groundbreaking as Wii Sports, it did offer a line-up of solid, enjoyable videogame experiences. Finding out which ones are the cream of the crop is no easy task: and so Electronic Theatre has taken on that responsibility for you.

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UltimateIdiot9113523d ago

I feel HSG should be on that list. It doesn't exactly show off the touchscreen or rear touch feature but it looks damn nice on the Vita. Most importantly, as addicting as all the previous title, which is insanely addicting.

Hicken3523d ago

I don't have a problem with the list, per se. But there are two things I DO have issue with:

1. Calling BlazBlue a beat em up. A fighting game is NOT a beat em up. Streets of rage is a beat em up. Street fighter is not. BlazBlue is decidedly more like the former than the latter.

2. Linking to your own website in an article on your website's own page, as if people already on your site won't know how to get to your site. There's something... arrogant.. about that. I don't know how else to phrase it.

mathsman3522d ago

Street Fighter is a beat-'em-up, Streets of Rage is a scrolling beat-'em-up. That's how it's been since the 80s/90s.

And I don't get what you mean about the linking thing - near every website links to their own articles when relevant...


Rayman and Star Dust Delta are my favorite right now.