Co-op Games to Play With Your Kids

TheParanoidGamer writes: "As a father, I know that sometimes gaming with your younger children can be painful. A lot of parents who aren’t gamers don’t know what games are quality experiences and even a lot of parents who do game know that many times children titles can equal a pretty bad game. On top of that when your youngsters game they won’t have the skills you have (at first) and lets face it dying a hundred times a level can be painful. However there is a bright and shiny middle ground I’ve found in a few games so I’d like to share those here."

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Nitrowolf23523d ago

i love lbp, such a fun game for anyone

yesmynameissumo3523d ago


Rayman Origins
Scott Pilgrim
Castle Crashers

That's what I play with my daughters at least.

Psychonaughty3523d ago

Wow no Rayman on the list, what a fail. I play Rayman Origins practically every sunday with my 7 year old niece and she loves it! Gonna introduce to a few kinect games today like HAT and Haunt, hope she likes them.

Venox20083523d ago

where's Rayman: origins?