Could Raymond Vestor Be Resident Evil 6′s Mystery Character?

T-Hill writes: The reveal trailer of Resident Evil 6 back in January instantly made it my most anticipated title of 2012. Seeing Chris and Leon is the same game made me jump with joy as it’s something die hard fans have wanted for years. However, watching the trailer introduced us to a mystery character who will indeed be playable alongside Chris and Leon. I’ve been watching the trailer many times and checking the Resident Evil history and I have some theories that on who this mystery character could be.

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kamanashi3523d ago

It's not, I can guarantee that. If it does happen to be a character from before RE6, the closest is HUNK when it comes to characters we actually know. The other choice would be someone related to Wesker in some way that we haven't seen in the series before.

TronEOL3523d ago

Pretty sure it's Alex Wesker. Google him if you haven't heard of him before.

I haven't heard of him until someone brought this to my attention, then I did some research and it ends up making the most sense that they'd bring this character back for something like this. Given what we know about him (RE6 unknown guy) as it is.


Could DlCK DANGEROUSLY be the mysterious character? I have a few theories....

SEAN16173523d ago

I think Alex Wesker and Hunk are the same person.

L6RD7BLU33523d ago

Similar looking face minus the hair, but I do believe it'll be Alex Wesker because his status is unknown at the moment.

andrewsqual3523d ago

"made it my most anticipated title of 2012", "something die hard fans have wanted for years". No dumbass, just no . I won't be buying this shite. Resident Evil REmake 2 please Crapcom. Anything else, dont care.