Rock Band DLC Available Next Week on XBL; PS3 Has to Wait


In a post on the Rock Band Forums, Harmonix Developer hmxsean reaveals that there will be Rock Band DLC next week over the holiday. No announcement what the tracks will be yet, but we do know one thing: PS3 owners will have to wait.

Harmonix Developer

There will be DLC next week. An announcement will go out today or Monday.

Sony's offices are closed next week and the DLC will be postponed for a week until they come back (but they'll be back on schedule the following week when they get a double-dose of DLC awesomeness). It will go up in the Xbox Marketplace as regularly scheduled.


Nothing like waking up the day after Christmas to find yet another gift under your tree, especially one that will keep you rockin' through the new year. If you have the 360 version that is....

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TSB Breakdown4729d ago

all of these little things that 360 owners get start to add up
almost makes up for my broken xbox i have.. broke yesterday just in time for christmas break

good thing im gettin a ps3 and ut3 for christmas :)

EZCheez4729d ago

It's one friggin week. Sony announced last week that there wouldn't be a store update next week due to the holidays.

This shouldn't even be news, and is neither positive or negative for either console. It's holiday time. Who cares?

wolfgang4729d ago

Waiting again ? At least its not like we keep having to wait because stuff come out on the 360 first or so many game get delayed... hum...

This is not that bad, as long as they put the DLC avaible next week and they fix the guitar compatibility I'll be happy.

Darkiewonder4729d ago

hmmm. I'm going to bet one of two things

Early Release on Tomorrow or wait next week.

Doesn't bother me. Still haven't went around buying the other Song packs off the store yet :3

EZCheez4729d ago

There is no store update for PSN next Thursday. Check the last PS Blog store update post for proof.

Darkiewonder4728d ago

the one after the break :P

jack who4729d ago

ps3 loves waiting for 360 leftovers

SlappyMcTaint4729d ago

If your 360 is still working that is...

sa_nick4729d ago

I've imported the game to australia so I can't access the DLC anyway. I really hope they chuck in a free song or 2, that'd work fine, I just cant pay for anything from the US store.

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The story is too old to be commented.