EA and DICE hint at an upcoming DLC for Battlefield 3

DSOGaming writes: "Good news for all Battlefield 3 fans as DICE and Electronic Arts are possibly working on a new DLC for Battlefield 3."

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Hufandpuf3532d ago

I hope it's another expansion. They should include more camo, more Caspian Border-like maps, and more guns.

Any ideas on really cool maps? I would want a Hong Kong city map. or a snow map.

rawrockkillz3532d ago

I would like a farm themed map kind of like Harvest Day on Bad Company 2.

FlareDReborn3532d ago

A jungle map. Let the jungle map have a huge waterfall in the middle of the map and in rush a MCOM station is set up behind the waterfall and one of the flags in conquest is the waterfall.

irepbtown3531d ago (Edited 3531d ago )

Snow maps and NIGHT maps.
I dont think there are any of these two. And possibly vehicles in the night maps having their lights on as well as certain helicopters.

We all know Dice, they'll throw at us some crazy shit that's bound to be amazing. If it is this 2143 expansion I will be slightly disappointed, would prefer a whole new game for Battlefield 2143.

A dino expansion pack would be awesome though :D

Nearly forgot; CO-OP MAPS! i dont play co-op since i completed them on Hard. Some new maps in that area would be nice. And also SPLIT SCREEN and split screen online.

Shackdaddy8363532d ago

Do a China map-pack. I miss playing on Dragon Valley from the ol' BF2 days...

Hufandpuf3532d ago

for some reason I don't like Dragon Valley. I like Jalalabad, Karkand, and muttrah city.

Shackdaddy8363532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

^OMG I love Dragon Valley so much. Maybe because when I played it, I played it with a group of about 15 friends from school and we'd hide in the trees on the first Chinese flag (on that big long hill) and ambush everyone going up to capture it. Great fun because the other team would catch on to us and would send their own infantry and we made kinda like a front line in the small forest.

I also loved Mashtuur city but I was thinking of a map pack and that wouldn't fit with the whole China theme. They could maybe remake Mashtuur into some type of China theme but IDK...

Skate-AK3532d ago

The dense forest level from the campaign would be cool.

soundslike3531d ago

which by the tower falling soon after you can tell was morphed into caspian border...

arjman3532d ago

If it's the rumoured American Map Pack then I hope they make a New Jersey map so I can hunt Snooki's on the boardwalk

finbars753532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

It has be something soon.I great expansion pack is needed right now.I feel that they have let BF3 slip out of there hands by not doing much of anything with it.They said at E3 they where going to do lots of DLC and push this game like hell but so far they have left this game out to die.No patch release date has made me wonder if they really care and its been 4 months since the last dlc was released.I guess EA only cares about whats coming out next on there agenda to make money like medal of honor ect.They should be standing behind BF3 considering its franchise has been around for a long time with a strong community.

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jizzyjones3532d ago

Arica Harbour, pretty please.

Hufandpuf3532d ago

Why pay for a map we already have?

Nafon3532d ago

what? its no different than the B2K map pack... and who said its going to cost money? bc2 had a ton of free packs and dice still likes the idea of free dlc.

Pandamobile3532d ago

There's a massive difference between the B2K maps from 2005 and the BFBC2 maps from 2010.

Vladplaya3531d ago

Because if maps are very good and community loves them, then why not use them again.

ThichQuangDuck3532d ago

Would rather see them remake all the maps from Modern Combat 2 and add CTF. Really though I want to see something entirely separate like Vietnam was

hiredhelp3532d ago

I want a big beach maps where i can blow up sandcastles and kill the icecram guy for not given me extra flake on top.
I want to imagin a world were im on a 4x4 on mounted gun with T REX chasing after me as i shoot the bulletts ripping threw his hardend skin, just as i reaload i hear a big ROAR then realise i just woken the mother..

Uh ..... Sorry got carryed away there cough cough, back to real world.

Majin-vegeta3532d ago

How would people feel about a Dino expansion pack??Imo that would make BF3 even better.


Enough with that crap. Jeez.

That is quite simply a ridiculously foolish notion.

Kleptic3531d ago


I don't understand all this 'dino' shat either...Who the hell actually wants 'dino mode' or whatever that trendy idea is?...its a military FPS...what do dinosaurs have to do with it?...

I mean I get that there was a toy in the single player...but so?...US based maps, new weapons, etc...that sounds good...even an integrated 2143 sounds at least ok with me...but dinosaurs...gtfo...that has nothing to do with bf3...

irepbtown3531d ago

Because it is something UNIQUE.
This repetitive run and gun does get boring at times. If this Dino pack is what they are making it would be AWESOME.

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john23532d ago

I'd love a Dino pack. However, I think that most of us will be disappointed with the end result as we'd expect something mind-blowing

KwietStorm_BLM3531d ago

Complete waste of time, when they could have been working on something sensible and coherent for the game, leaving us with nothing but another wait for a good expansion. That's how I would feel about it.

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multipayer3532d ago

I don't think Star Fox would like that.

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