VG Chartz: Xbox Live Arcade Sales - Week Ending 12/22/07

In a busy Xbox Live Arcade week, Hack-N-Slash RPG 'Arkadian Warriors' from Sierra takes the dominant top spot, garnering over an estimated 12,500 units. The first RPG to the XBLA service has continued it's dominance atop the chart, signaling consumer desire for fresh, innovative genres on the charts.

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Charlie26884351d ago

Being the Diablo whore that I am I am am BRUTALLY inclined to get Arkadian Warriors XD

...but as many review agreed the game would have been a sh!tload much better if more time would have been spent of developing and polishing it T.T

Ri0tSquad4351d ago

Ultimate MK3
1,084 $10.00 $10,836 10/21/0 6 292,013 $2,920,129

I thought it was more.

MK_Red4351d ago

Same here. That classic deserves much more sales :(

Double-Edged4351d ago

the price should be lower...
these are old games which can be mamed up.

eversince CP3 got emulated.... i totally forgot about SFHD

Fragking284351d ago

I just noticed how much money they make off of these games!!!

Clinton5144350d ago

Stop putting money in their pockets by clicking their links

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