Analysis: Can we have too much multiplayer? [Press2Reset]

Multiplayer has hugely increased in the current-gen era but how much of it is a reaction to fans' wishes and how much to publishers' spreadsheets.

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zeal0us3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Personally I feel some games really don't need multiplayer just the publisher&developer trying to make their game(s) mainstream.

acidbrn3523d ago

I feel the same way on some games. Often it can just feel like they tacked it on to bring in more players. Good business decision, but bad design decision.

I_am_Batman3523d ago

Especially when it's clear that the singleplayer has suffered because of the inclusion of the multyplayer.

The problem aren't the publishers or the developers in the first place. It's the gamers that don't want to pay full price for a 6-10 hour singleplayer game anymore.

kraze073523d ago

"Bethesda marketing vice-president Pete Hines explained that they would rather make the best game possible, and that forced multiplayer is just a “waste of time.”"

THANK YOU. Good to see someone in the industry still has some sense in their brain.

MysticStrummer3522d ago

Too bad the best game possible for Bethesda is always so buggy on release. I suspect the only reason they won't include co-op in a game that screams for co-op play is that they can't make it work.

MasterD9193522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I think a lot of the higher quality titles should have multiplayer (as long as it doesn't draw out or exhaust all the resources from the main game).

Especially if they want more people to try it out and get into the series. However, not every game needs a multiplayer mode. It's simple as that.

A game like ME3 is a wild card...did it need multiplayer? No, but now that it is there I personally think it works in a surprisingly well way. People get turned off by the idea of multiplayer but in reality all these developers want you to do is play/interact with other people (in hopes of creating the next big thing).

MysticStrummer3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

People are funny about multiplayer. A game that is online only will get criticized for not having a single player campaign, but a game that's primarily known for it's online play will get a free pass for having a subpar campaign, and some single player only games are called perfect without any online whatsoever. I think a game can be perfect with one or both elements as long as the developer knows what they're doing, so the answer is... that's the wrong question. Are too many developers trying to force multiplayer into their games, or force a campaign into their primarily online experience? To that I say yes. I still say Elder Scrolls screams for co-op though, even if it doesn't advance the story. Just let two friends explore Skyrim together, maybe with only the Radiant AI type missions available.