Sony to bring demos of upcoming MMOs to CES 2008

Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) is going to the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January in Las Vegas, Nevada. SOE is bringing along the demos for these upcoming MMOs: The Agency, Free Realms and Pirates of the Burning Sea. The demos are only available for the press. In addition, SOE will also bring some old favorites: Legends of Norrath, EverQuest, and EverQuest 2.

[ Posted on by Isaac C. on Dec 22, 2007 ]

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resistance1004728d ago

I really want to know more about the agency, if done well i can see it being a really decent game. The PC/PS3 connectitivy of the game is always an added bonus

kunark4728d ago

bring everquest to the ps3!!! i got many friends on the ps2 one they would buy ps3's if was on it and then i could chat with them again lol

name4728d ago

What they NEED to do is bring demos to PSN. How can you have an MMO without multiple people? :(

Darkiewonder4728d ago

Awaiting a full descriptive detail about their impression. and hopefully we can get pictures!

CRIMS0N_W0LF4728d ago



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