PS Vita Digital Pricing: A Necessary Disappointment

GodisaGeek: "PlayStation Vita is here and – almost as significant to the far future of the industry – Sony has updated the SEN store to provide day and date releases of Vita games online and in stores. Gamers have been given an extra option, an alternative to trudging down to the shops and picking the game up over the counter at Game or HMV. Predictably they have reacted with disappointment. Now, this is far from the vocal and shouted disappointment that sometimes reigns online, but it is a grumbling, frustrated, petulant disappointment nonetheless. It is being expressed as the deep sigh of people who expected a new technology to deliver a breakthrough moment, only for reality not to live up to the hype."

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LX-General-Kaos3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

The Playstation Vitas pricing is great for the tech that it brings to the table. Even a Nintendo supporter as myself has recognized the console experience it brings to your back pocket.

As I said before, waiting is key before making false assumptions about a console that released worldwide a few days ago. Support Gravity Daze.

I will carry on with the great legacy of supporting the record breaking Nintendo 3DS and its exclusives. But will also do my part in picking up a Vita to support sonys attempt at the future.

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resistance1003523d ago

They do know its the PS Store not the SEN Store right?

As for pricing. They're 10% cheaper than the RRP which isn't terrible. The one problem being they will find it hard to set it cheaper than that as i'm sure retailers will have a say in it, like it or not.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3523d ago

It's a really smart move. It actually justifies buying a 32gig stick. IF you go dl only, then eventually the savings you get from doing so will make up for the price of the stick. Not only that but it's a heck of a lot more convenient to have all your games on the stick versus carrying around a bunch of cartridges.

360GamerFG3523d ago

It doesn't justify jack!! How many stores actually sell games at RRP?? You can find Vita games online and in some brick and mortar stores cheaper than on PSN. Memory cards are in no shape or form justified at that price.

RacingLightning013523d ago

Holy Crap dude, maybe calm-down a bit and you'll keep more bubbles. Buy whatever you want, a 4GB starts at under $20, most Vita games are under 2GB. It is a new tech, price wil drop over time like everything else. Or don't buy it..... who cares.

Antholex3523d ago

I don't see how retailers can have a say in the setting of PSN Store prices, it's nothing to do with them. The retailers are responsible for setting their own price, and although the publisher may provide an RRP the retailer doesn't have to stick to it. I don't see why the publisher should change their price because a retailer says so.

metsgaming3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

My god there really is nothing sony can do for some people to be happy. Look at ps3 tittles there are more than retail and come out late. Now they come out the same time and not only the same price but less and ppl still complain. Seriously this has got to stop they cant be hated more than they are get over it the internet cant possible troll them more. Yet some get off scott free from these journalists. Just talking generally.

GodisaGeek3522d ago

I think you may be misinterpreting the article. It is not meant as a critical piece whatsoever, more a take on retail vs digital overall, and how Sony have done nothing wrong at all.

h311rais3r3523d ago

Ur better off getting physical copies. The cards are overpriced a d the discount isn't that great. Ur not saving any money.

Killman3523d ago

There are quite a few overcosted downloadable versions of PS3 and Xbox 360 games with NO discount. Why complain???